My Bikram Yoga Life

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog about my Bikram yoga life for about three weeks.  At first, I thought about blogging about my practice, but then I realized that what was really interesting was how I connected the practice to my life. My practice informs my life and makes it better, and my life informs my practice and makes that better too. I took a poll on facebook and asked my friends if they would be interested in reading a blog that shared insights about how my yoga practice and life intersected. Five people said yes, and clearly that was all I needed to green-light my idea.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you have at least a basic understanding of Bikram yoga. If you don’t, you can check out more on his main page:

I’m realtively new to blogging. I’ve tried it a couple of times and have failed gloriously. However, given my interest in constantly talking about my Bikram Yoga life, I imagine I will have plenty to say. As I get this blog off the ground, I’ll be playing around a lot with the background and settings. The background and organizational scheme might change a few times over the next month or so before I get it all settled. I will be posting 3-5 times per week and discussing all things Bikram and how I apply it to my life.


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