Why do a 60 day challenge?

I am starting my Bikram Yoga 60 day challenge on Friday, May 4th. I plan to do mostly 9:00 classes. That is 82 days from now. This means that I will go one yoga class a day for 60 days straight. I am sure I could do a double if I had to miss a class, but I really wanted to do the straight once-a-day for 60 days approach. So I picked a time when my calendar was open to start it.

I wasn’t initially going to do a 60 day challenge. I was going for 30 days. Then I realized that I am not going to be able to travel until after the 4th of July. I did the math and learned I had the space for 60 days. Might as well.

When I tell people (who do not practice Bikram yoga) I am doing this, I get the question, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” Really, what’s the big deal? I used to run six days a week. People might have said that they didn’t like to run, but no one ever said, “Oh my God! Why would you run almost every day?” Running daily was considered a “normal” form of exercise to engage in. No one questionned it. Actually, everyone should have been more concerned about the running. It was hard on my knees. I stopped running before I did serious damage to my right knee, but I did do some damage to it. Yoga does not hurt my knees.

For some reason, a daily yoga practice is considered strange. I am guessing it’s the heat thing. I assume that if you think a 60 day challenge is strange then really it’s because you cannot imagine practicing in the heat every day for 60 days. So just say that to me. I understand you.

But why do this to myself? Why choose this? I’ve got a few responses:

1. I love my yoga. I love doing it, and I love that I am able to do it. I do this out of love for myself and everyone else. Trust me. I am so much calmer and nicer when I get my yoga in. Mark has ordered me to yoga before for being grumpy.

2. It will make me stronger. Remember my story about falling off the horse? Well, the day after it happened I was looking over my injuries. I realized how much this yoga contributed to my surviving the fall. I knew I had to deepen my practice. I knew I had to increase my committment to it. I told myself that within the year I would do a 30 day challenge. I knew at the time I could make that work. I didn’t figure out I could do 60 days until later. In part, I am keeping a promise to myself. However, I am also doing something I know will make me emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger.

3.  I want to challenge myself.  I like to push myself and do things that make me lie on the floor wondering what I got myself into. There will be moments that I do not like. I know that. But in the end, I will look back at it and appreciate everything that happened.

We can all find ways to challenge and push ourselves that result in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. My way doesn’t have to be your way. I think as long as we’re doing things that push us, and that make us uncomfortable from time to time, we are growing, experiencing, and enjoying life.


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  1. Jennifer
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 12:00:48

    Oh yes, my husband has also ordered me to do yoga! (And he’s learned the hard way never to interrupt my savasana to ask, “What are we doing for dinner?”) 🙂


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