My Sixty Day Challenge +

That’s right. There’s a + at the end meaning I’m doing sixty days of yoga plus something more. That something more is going vegetarian during the entire challenge. I mean, it’s not like 60 straight days of Bikram isn’t going to be hard enough by itself, right? Yeah – right. 🙂

Why go vegetarian during the challenge? Well, a number of reasons:

1. The more I practice (in terms of frequency of classes per week and overall time doing Bikram) the less I care about eating meat. I like it fine, but I could care less if I eat it or not. This makes me think being a vegetarian during the challenge won’t be that hard.

2. I am curious to see how being a vegetarian might enhance my practice. What we put into our bodies matters, and it effects our daily lives in terms of how we feel and how our bodies perform in any situation. I stopped drinking over a year ago because I found that even one glass of wine the day before a class had a negative influence on my practice. It wasn’t drastic. I just noticed my classes were better if I didn’t have alcohol. I stopped drinking (I might have 3-4 drinks per year now), and I have not missed it.

I can’t just jump into the vegetarian lifestyle at the start of the challenge (which begins May 4th). If I want this to work, then I have to ease into it. I have to start trying out reciepes now. I have to get into a vegetarian mindset now. I rarely have meat at breakfast or lunch. I would say 99.9% of my breakfasts during a year are vegetarian and 75% of my lunches are. Not true for dinner which is probably 90% meat-based during a given year. Dinner is going to need the biggest change.

I’m thinking that for the rest of February I will do what I can in terms of eating vegetarian. I am locating receipes and wrapping my head around this. I have already gone two days in a row as a vegetarian. I am practicing this afternoon. It will be interesting to see how class goes after two days of no meat.

In March, my goal is for the following percentage of meals to be vegetarian:

1. Breakfast = 100%

2. Lunch = 90-100%

3. Dinner = 50% (about 15 days out of the month)

In April, breakfast and lunch will be 100% vegetarian and roughly 65% of the meals will be vegetarian (that’s around 20 days). If I do more than what I have set here then great, but there will be no doing less.

Starting May 4th I go 100% vegetarian. The yoga challenge begins, and then it all gets very interesting.


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