Tuesday’s Class

I went to class yesterday afternoon. I was excited to go because: (a) I’m pretty much always excited to go and (b) I wanted to see what class would be like since I had not eaten meat in 2 1/2 days.

Well, I am happy to report that class was awesome. I had a really strong class. This doesn’t mean I rocked out an awesome triangle or camel because I most certainly did not. However, I felt great all during class and gave every posture my best. I even set myself up in the hotter area of the room – the section where there are no fans – and I still had a great class.

I have fallen off the vegetarian bandwagon a bit. I came home after class yesterday and had fried chicken and okra for dinner. Yes, we have fresh okra in this house. We got a bunch from our farm share and froze it. Eating my okra in the middle of winter is awesome.

I can definitely tell I ate meat last night by how my stomach feels this morning. I feel fine, but my stomach has a slight heavy feeling to it that wasn’t there the last couple of days. Very interesting. I am eating leftover chicken for lunch today, but then I am back on the vegetarian wagon at dinner, all day Thursday, and at least for breakfast and lunch on Friday.

I also want to comment on where I set up in the room yesterday. Class was not crowded. I chose to plunk my mat in a hotter zone. I am going to try to make myself go to the hotter area more often prior to the start of my challenge. I am hopeful that by finding ways to push myself now it will have a big payoff when I hit the 60 days.

No more yoga until Friday. That feels like an eternity from now!


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