My Secret Yoga Thoughts

In class on Sunday, the instructor asked us about the weird thoughts that run through our head when we practice. No one shared any, but we all have them. At first I couldn’t think of what my weird thoughts might be. Then it came to me: snowcones.

If you know me, then you know that I spent all last summer at the snowcone stand in Durham: I am not joking, I was there just as much if not more than I was at yoga. The best snowcone by the way is a large sour tsunami/sour cherry. Just get it when they reopen for the season.  It tastes like Cry Baby candy – but better. Much more sour.

They will reopen in a week or two, and I will be there ALL THE TIME. During my 60 day challenge I vow to go there everyday. Isn’t the snowcone a form of liquid which would mean it is helping me stay hydrated? Therefore I need it to do well in yoga. Yep. Just rationalized my snowcone habit.

Back to my secret and strange yoga thoughts. When I am in savasana, I often fantasize about eating a sour tsunami/sour cherry snowcone (large size of course). When the stand closed for the winter, I still thought about eating a snowcone. My brain would say, “This is pointless. You can’t get a snowcone at all right now.” I would tell my brain to shut-up, and I would go back to imagining my nice, cool, tasty, snowcone.

Other times I fantasize about whitewater rafting. I imagine crashing through large, cool waves one right after the other. But usually I am thinking about snowcones.


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