My Feet Are So Shiny

First, I promise that this post does not include a picture of my feet. I would not do that.

Recently, I wrote about why people say they can’t do yoga ( One reason people say they can’t do yoga has to do with body image. I could say a lot about body image. I have my own body image issues. I’m not ready to launch into those yet. I think about them though. One day I will write about it.

Anyways, one thing yoga has done for me is help me love my body more and find positive things about it. The other day, I think it was during hand-to-feet pose, I looked down at my feet. They were glistening with sweat. I thought to myself, “My feet are so shiny. My skin looks great when I am in this room.”

The sweat makes me -makes us all- beautiful. Do this yoga long enough, and your skin will change. It will get better. It will glow in and out of the room. When I did my week of doubles back in January, I had to forgo lotion for the entire week. Not just lotion on my arms and legs, but also on my eyes and face. I was a little worried about this. I couldn’t put the lotion on because it didn’t have enough time to seep into my skin before I went back to class. If you ever go to class having put lotion on too soon, you will find that you are very slimy. I need about 24 hours between classes to apply lotion.

I was worried because it was January. I was convinced my skin would get dry, and I would have problems. It may be that I had some dry skin (I don’t recall). If so, I only had to apply lotion here and there to the place that got dried out. However, I was not using lotion much at all.

My skin glowed during that week of doubles. I actually commented that I thought it looked better than ever before. I am looking forward to seeing what 60 days of yoga does for it.

Anyways, my feet are shiny, and my skin is awesome. On top of thinking about snowcones, I apparently also think about my feet.


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