Where’s the Wonder in Triangle?

I have not a clue where the wonder in triangle is. Yesterday, I wrote about how I would go to class and when we got to triangle I would, instead of ranting and raving in my head about how I hate it, look for the wonder in it.

So we get to triangle. I get the whole thing set up and then go into it. My conversation with myself went something like this:

  • Ok, I’m supposed to ask myself a question here. What was it I was going to ask myself? Something about wonder. I wonder how I will feel in triangle today? No. That’s not it. Oh yeah – where’s the wonder in triangle. Ok. Got it. Sheesh. What does that question mean? I know I had an idea, but now I don’t remember what I thought about before I got in here. Maybe because there is no wonder in triangle. Maybe it just sucks that much. No. There’s got to be wonder here. I just have to keep looking. Oh look. We’re done! Other side.

Ok – I tried to work it out. The problem is I had massive yoga brain. Don’t know about the yoga brain? It’s a very real condition that impedes your ability to think and act coherently. With yoga brain, I am able to do class just fine because all that requires is following directions. It’s trying to think on my own that’s a problem. You might think I just did my best with a hard question. I did, and thanks. But yoga brain effects everything. For example, when I come home and Mark says, “Would you like garlic bread with dinner?” I can give random answers like:

  • Yes. That sounds delicious. Wait. What did I just say yes to? What are you doing in the kitchen?
  • What was that question again? Say it slower.
  • Five minutes after saying yes I return with this little nugget, “Do you know what would be amazing with dinner? Garlic bread!”
  • And then when I show up for dinner, “Oh! I didn’t know we were having garlic bread.”

Those are all examples that show the yoga brain is in full swing. Sometimes I am aware of it and will say, “I’m sorry. I have the yoga brain. You need to tell me that again.” Yoga brain will be gone about an hour after finishing class. Depends on how rough the class was for me.

So, yes, I had a case of the yoga brain while trying to determine the wonder in triangle. As you can see from the garlic bread example, asking myself where the wonder is in triangle is a much harder question that being asked if I want garlic bread for dinner. I did my best. I’ll engage with the question again next time I practice (and maybe several more times) to see if I can get any better.

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    Oct 18, 2014 @ 21:55:55

    Where’s the Wonder in Triangle? http://t.co/aTRNwNuBdF #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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