Vegetarian Check-In and Featured Recipe

I am still hanging in there and doing great with my goals to eat more vegetarian meals. I am confident I will be able to remain 100% vegetarian during my 60-day challenge (starting May 4th). The idea to slowly work myself into a new habit has been a great one. If you want to try eating vegetarian more often (without fully committing yourself to being a vegetarian all the time) you can absolutely do it.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a movement called Meatless Mondays. It’s a great resource to help you think about how to go meatless just one day a week, and it doesn’t have to be Monday. I don’t think you even have to do it the same day every week. Just one day a week – you pick!

My goal to be 100% vegetarian at breakfast and lunch for the month of March is still holding up. I’ve got the hang of it now. My dinner goals for March were to have at least 15 meals be vegetarian.So far, 11 of my dinners have been vegetarian (and the meals for tonight and Friday are also vegetarian making that 13 by Friday!). This doesn’t mean I’ll start eating meat once I make it through 15. It just means I’m doing great.

An added bonus to this whole eating more vegetarian meals thing are the totally amazing recipes out there. Last Sunday, I made polenta, from scratch, with a puttanesca sauce (left out the anchovy – like I would ever have used it anyways!). Polenta is not hard to make. Have you ever made risotto? It’s a 1000 times less stirring for polenta and takes about 1/4 of the time. Here’s what my delicious meal looked like:

I got the polenta recipe from Mark Bittman’s book How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. It’s a truly amazing book with so many ways to make vegetarian foods that I will spend years going through it all. Bittman suggests different sauces for your polent with puttanesca being one of them. I had capers that I needed to use so it worked out well. 🙂

Tonight’s dinner is a greek lasagna that I’ve made many times before but with meat. Tonight I’m using a meat substitute. Mark is making some potato curry dish on Friday. He has also been inspired to look for new and interesting vegetarian dishes. Can’t wait to try it.


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