Snowga Begins!

The snowcone stand has been open for a week now. Today was a perfect day for starting snowga. I also learned that apparently snowga also means doing yoga in the snow. Who wants to do that? That sounds awful. I’ve got a link at the bottom about it. I like my version of snowga much better. If it were snowing outside I would not be out there doing any of these poses. I would be at my Bikram studio keeping warm.

Here’s my first posture: Standing Bow while holding a medium sour cherry/lime with the pucker punch added on (to make it more sour). Mark came up with this combination. It’s like having a sour cherry lime-aid. Awesome.

This was kind of hard to do. First, I didn’t have a mirror in front of me so I had no idea where my foot was in relation to my head. Second, I could only kick back so much and go down with my body so far before I fell out. The snowcone really threw me off balance a bit. Just for the record, they don’t give us snowcones to hold and eat during Bikram yoga so I am not used to it. I think we should have them at savasanah time, don’t you? Just a small one because I am not greedy. I bet I could work a deal with the owners of my local stand if anyone reading this is interested. I am totally willing to take the lead on this. Not trying to make more work for any instructor. Just think about it….


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