Featured Vegetarian Recipe: Crispy Potato Tacos

When I decided I would be a vegetarian during my 60 day challenge (less than a month away!), I assumed it would be hard. I assumed wrong. This was yet another lesson about the importance of living in the moment and dealing with life as it comes. After the first two weeks of simply trying to eat more vegetarian meals, I got the hang of it. I figured out how not to eat pasta all the time. The results so far? Well….

1. I feel amazing. Now, I am not 100% vegetarian yet until the challenge kicks off on May 4th. However, most of my meals are vegetarian. I had a hamburger (a bacon hamburger!) last Saturday. It was amazing and wonderful. I loved everything about it. I felt just fine the next day. But I do notice that I just feel physically better now that most of my meals do not have meat.

2. I get to eat so many cool and interesting things. Meals usually are very delicious. Every once in awhile we hit a dud, but when you try lots of new food that’s just going to happen. Out of the 30 something vegetarian dinners we’ve had since mid-February, I can only recall two that we never want to eat again. But the other night, I had faux-sausage from Whole Foods. It was fantastic. I was shocked. And this week, we got to try the featured recipe – potato tacos. We loved them!

The tacos take a little while to do because there’s a lot of items to chop up. But then you just toss the potatoes in the oven and do what ever you like. The directions say the potatoes will be done in about 20 minutes. I made half the recipe and it took 45-60 minutes for mine to get done. Not a big deal. Just letting you know. Here they are:

That is not the best picture I ever took, but it is the only one I took. We had this dish for two nights. It heats up very easy. Next week I’m hoping to try some flautas.

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  1. Michele Berger
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 08:48:38

    When Cindy mentioned your diet yesterday in class, I had to find out more! 🙂 I have been fish & poultry only for over 20 years. I gave up dairy 15 years ago & feel incredible!! Whole Foods has great choices, but I have found I need to be very careful with my soy intake, as my body responds like it is dairy & it effects my mood and energy level negatively. One of the big mistakes I made when I gave up 4-legged meat, was too many carbs & sugar in my diet.
    I have a great cookbook called — The Essential Vegetarian. I love it! Great recipes & advise.
    See you class!


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