Wipe Out!

I’ve gotten really good about the whole moving my mat around the room thing. I am no longer attached to any particular spot in the room. Don’t get me wrong. There are places of the room I enjoy more than others. I do love the second row in general more than any other. I do still love my secret awesome spot. But the key is now I can go into the room, survey the land, and just pick a spot. This is how I ended up in the front row this morning.

I got to class late (accident; traffic back-up), and it was a bit busy. All the good real estate was spoken for. My options were the hottest part of the room, the front row where I could still feel a bit of the fan, or squeeze myself inbetween someone else. I was feeling pretty good so I threw down in the front row.

And this is where I would like to say that for the next six months I am not going to throw down in the front row when I am about to start or am having my period. I’ve got a reason for this but first –

Am I really going to talk about my period again on here? Am I really going to start blogging about it every month? Yes to the first question and possibly to the second. It is a part of my life, it effects my practice (usually in a bad way), and thus it fits the title of my blog. My period is all about My Bikram Yoga Life.

So, I’ve already detailed how awful my period is and how miserable it can make my practice. However, up until today it has only made me miserable 1-2 days before it started and never after it started. The last two months I have been eating mostly vegetarian, and I had my acupuncturist work on the whole my period is rough thing. So practicing in class with it has ranged from 75-110% better.

On Sunday I had a rough class because my period was about to start. However, I managed to do most of the postures and it was not the worst I have ever felt in this situation.

Today, here I am on day two of my period, and I feel great! I’ll go to the front row. Whatever! Then, right around triangle my body decided to send up some cramps. Folks, the cramps I get with my period are so bad that if I were outside the studio walking around they could bring me to a complete halt. No, the hot room does not help with them. I have no idea why. Hot showers help. Hot baths help. Advil is the best. The hot room NEVER helps.

Now, I’m in the front row, and I take the responsibility of the front row seriously. So let me tell you, it was all I could do to make it to tree and then I sat down. I am sorry. I just had to sit down and breathe through the pain. It got better in savassanah. Then it got much, much worse when I rolled over on my stomache for spine strengthening. That about did me in. I did sit out camel. I think it says in the dialogue that if you have massive menstrual cramps you should not do camel. At least, I swear that’s what I heard. I do admit my hearing can be off when I am very uncomfortable. Everything else I did one or both sets of or at least sat up and stared at myself in the mirror (that was rabbit. doesn’t rabbit sound awful with cramps? yes it does).

Now, back to the whole six months thing. What I learned today is that while a lot of my menstrual symptoms are improving I can no longer predict what my experience is going to be like. So, right now I haven’t had any lower backaches or extreme tiredness. My cramps did go away with two advil and have not returned. If all I take this whole week is two advil that is some extreme improvement. You do not want to know how much advil I was shoveling in during my period the last 10 or so years. So until things get more stable I think I will stick to the cool side of the room in the second or third row during this part of the month. I can be in the moment and respect what I need without feeling guilty.

Also, I hope the universe knows that I recognize this whole giving me cramps in the front row was yet another reminder to have no expectations and be in the moment. I was in the moment. Nothing like some discomfort to put you in the present!

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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 14:03:10

    Wipe Out! http://t.co/Z4IzPFbawd #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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