Finding a Place to Meditate

For about a year now I have wanted to start a meditation practice. I’ve read a book about it, I downloaded a meditation app for my phone, and I thought about doing it a lot. In reality I probably meditated five times in the last year. Not off to a good start.

I know Bikram yoga is considered to be a 90 minute moving meditation.  For the longest time I didn’t even understand what that meant. I heard it but didn’t process it. Now I’ve reached the point where I have a basic understanding of the concept, but in no way can I explain it to you.

For awhile I went through  phase where I convinced myself that doing Bikram 4-6 times a week was plenty enough in the meditation department. But in the last month I’ve really had a nagging in my brain to start a sitting meditation practice. Again, I cannot explain why, but I am convinced there will be benefits, and likely different benefits, to engaging in a regular sitting meditation practice.

That’s where the book Buddha in Blue Jeans comes into play. It’s free as an e-book, and it is pretty awesome! The whole thing is about learning how to sit quietly. It couldn’t be written any simpler.

Why read a book – even a free one – on how to sit quietly? Folks, have you done this? It’s a simple concept (just sit, be quiet) that is extraordinarily hard. I cannot explain it. If you don’t believe me try to do it for five minutes. That won’t seem hard until you try to do it!

I’ve read exactly one section of the book – the first three pages that talk about how to sit quietly. Basically, the author says to just go do it for any length of time. Ok. Fine. But my problem is I need to be consistent with my practice if I want to make this a habit.

Enter yoga (of course. no one saw this coming at all, right?)

On Saturday I was all set up and sitting on my mat 15 minutes before class. Yeah! I have 15 minutes to meditate before class. Well, 15 minutes sounded like forever. I decided to get into a comfortable sitting position, focus my eyes forward, and just go with it.

I lasted maybe 5 minutes, but who the heck cares? I have found a great time and place to meditate – right before class starts. This is great given the 60 day challenge I’ve got coming up. For now, I’ll do what I can before class. I’m guessing I will slowly build on that over the next two months. Who knows, maybe it’ll even make me more focused during class.


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  1. Jennifer
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 10:50:03

    I think this is a great idea. You are already going to be in class, so it’s not like you’re going to feel as though you are “wasting” time (which is what sometimes burdens me when I try to sit at home). Plus, the fact that you are in an environment outside of the home will eliminate any urges to vacuum or dust or fold laundry instead. I wish you luck!

    Currently, I am trying to incorporate just 5 minutes of meditation into my morning routine. I originally aimed for 15, but I learned that I really have to start simple. 🙂 I find that meditation comes more easily after a few minutes of alternate-nostril breathing and kapalabhati breath.

    Good luck!


  2. leighahall
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 14:38:21

    Thanks Jennifer! Of course I do have one distraction which is to run out of the room just for the sake of getting one last blast of cool air before class. 🙂 I think five minutes is a great way to start.


  3. Linda
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 18:59:32

    Oh Leigha, I had to laugh when I got to the part that says you found your time to meditate 15 min before class! I belong to a sweet little Bikram studio here on Cape Cod, and attend the 9:30 class daily. The 9:30 class are the social butterflies. You couldn’t meditate 15 min before our class if you tried. We don’t even know the teacher entered the room! So I had to laugh because people are so shocked when they come to our studio – we are such a family here! Lol!


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