What’s Up Standing Bow?

All of a sudden standing bow has become my new favorite posture, and I find the whole thing weird. About two summers ago, standing bow and I were in love. The progress I was making in it was amazing. And then, just like that, standing bow left me. I had no warning. I went from having a fantastic relationship with it to wondering why it ran off and left me. For nearly two years now I have had a standing bow that falls into the crappy to medicore range.

Then, about two weeks ago, standing bow came back. Just like that. On both sides! All of a sudden my body is going parallel to the floor, my back leg is kicking up higher than ever before. I need to work on my balance,  but my form and depth are suddenly making serious progress. What’s up standing bow? Where you been these last two years?

When standing bow came back and wanted to have a better relationship, standing forehead to knee and standing separate leg stretching pose got mad and left. I don’t know why that happened. I am capable of having a good relationship with all three. Apparently these last two get along well together, but they don’t get along with standing bow.

In all seriousness, I feel like the quality of these two has gone down as standing bow has gone up. I know this is normal. I know postures rise and fall and that sometimes we get better at some and others seem to backtrack a bit. But I don’t like it. These are my most favorite two postures in the whole series. I love them no matter what. I still do. But I’m learning that I cannot force them to go anywhere with me that they don’t want to – for any reason.

This is becoming a great lesson in patience and acceptance. I can be disappointed all I want about my favorite two postures, but my body will only do what it will do. I must accept what it gives me in the room at that moment in time. I imagine eventually these two postures will come back with a vengance. We’ve got such a long history together. There’s no way they can abandon me forever. For now, I’ll just keep knocking on their door asking them to come back.

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  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Dec 20, 2014 @ 23:48:52

    What’s Up Standing Bow? http://t.co/PACw1by7og #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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