Day 12: Getting into the Groove

Day 12 got off to an extra early start. I had to take the 6:30 am class today. This is the only day I had planned to deviate from my normal 9:00am class. I have to say, having my yoga done by 8:00 felt amazing. By the time I got home and showered it was 9:00. The next class was starting, and I was free for the day!

I was the first person to arrive at the studio this morning. I got my pick of the real estate, and I threw down in the front row. I still did not want to do this. My brain tried to trick me by saying, “You were in the front yesterday. You deserve a day off of the front row. You can come back tomorrow or in five days or never.” So I had to set up there. You can however, get a good spot in the front row. I was able to situate myself so the bottom of my legs got fan action (the fans were hardly on, but still fan action can be a mental life saver sometimes). Today was less scary than yesterday. I will set up in the front again tomorrow.

I am really, really getting used to the heat. I had no idea I could get so comfortable in that room. I was in savassanah today thinking the room was nowhere near the correct temperature. As if reading my mind, the instructor said the room was nearly spot on. I was sweating, but I felt great. So I pushed myself more.

I left class with a ton of energy. I have noticed lately that I am leaving class with way more energy than when I arrived. Before the challenge I would typically stumble out of the room and feel better an hour or two later. Sometimes I would sit in the lobby and try to summon the energy to put my shoes on. But now, I skip down the hall after class and FLY out of the studio. It is an amazing feeling.


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