Day 16: Let’s Juice!

I’m a little late getting this post up because I wanted to try out my green juice first. Yesterday, one of our instructors had some green juice at the studio and gave out samples. Her’s was cucumber, apple, and some coconut water. I tried some. It was not a taste I loved, but I thought it was a taste I could learn to acquire.

I read up on the benefits of juicing cucumbers. It was amazing and perfect for a Bikram Yogi. Cucumber juice will bring me much needed potassium. I already have to take a potassium supplment. Anything that gets extra in me is great. I also liked the fact that I could kick off my introduction to green juicing with just a few simple ingredients. I didn’t have to spend a lot of money, and it wasn’t going to take me any more time to make cucumber juice than it would my normal orange/grapefruit/lemon combo (which requires a lot of peeling!).

Mark suggested I toss in a lemon which I thought was a great idea. I like tart and sour juices. Plus, anything that will minimize the strong cucumber taste is a good idea. Let me say, I like to eat cucumbers on salads or in wrap, but drinking them is an entirely different story. I think it’s something you’d either love right away or you’re gonna have to work up to it.

So, here’s my experience with it.

First, I started with half a cucumber, an apple, and a lemon. I chose half a cucumber because I knew it would make a lot of juice. I also only wanted the juice as a snack. Here’s the whole gang:

Notice the Granny Smith apple. I don’t know how much that matters, but I read somewhere that green apples go better in cucumber juice. Plus, I do like the tartness of the apple, and I was trying to add some tartness to my juice.

In case you don’t know, here are some tips for getting these items ready to juice:

1. If the cucumber is organic (mine was), then you can wash it and juice it with the peel on. If it is not organic, it is recommended that you peel it. Of course one organic cucumber cost 1.50, and non-organice was around .70.

2. Always peel the lemon. For this reason, you can buy a non-organic lemon.

3. I also read that you should peel the apple if it is not organice, but I was also told that the skin would come out as pulp. Mine was not organic. I washed but did not peel it. I have some skin floating around in my juice. I am sure I will live.

4. Important: Take the seeds out of your apple before juicing. Apple seeds have a tiny bit of cynide. Just cut the apple in half and remove. Easy.

The results looked like this:

I got about eight ounces of juice. It took me about 30 minutes to drink. I sipped it while I did other things (like write this!). I would absolutely drink this juice again. It’s tart, but not too tart, and has an undertone of cucumber to it. Neither the tartness or the cucumber dominate. I will likely make some tomorrow morning before class and see what happens.

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