Day 17: Still Juicing

I did two new things before I went to class today. First, I took an electolyte supplement. This may or may not be necessary. I bought them for then I am taking the advance class and have to endure  3 1/2 hours of yoga with a 30 minute break. I figured I’d pop one before and after the beginning 90 minute class (you know, the “warm-up” class!). I also thought if I take two a day now maybe it would help with the crash and burn (and strong desire to lick frosting off of cupcakes) that I seem to experience once a week. So I took one before and after class today. We’ll see.

I also juiced this morning before class. I did the same blend as yesterday. It went down easier today. I think I’ll be used to it in no time. I plan to start green juicing once a day for the rest of the challenge. I’ll either do it as breakfast or in the afternoon. It depends on how I feel in the morning.

As far as having the juice and going to class is concerned, I noticed no difference. I didn’t feel better or worse because of the juice. I did not get hungry during class. The juice would taste really good immediately after class. I am thinking when the advance class starts I will have actual food for breakfast and bring some juice with me to have before the advanced class starts. I know this isn’t optimal in terms of juicing, but I think it will be ok.

I’m off to the store soon to buy more cucumbers, lemons, and apples. In a couple of weeks I might branch out and try a different green juice. We’ll see!


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