Day 20: Holy Moses, 20 Days Already?

Day 20 seems like an accomplishment. This time last year I could never have imagined going 20 days in a row. Heck, I thought I was pretty amazing if I went five days in a row! I would love to celebrate with a nice nap today, but my afternoon will be spent getting acupuncture and then going to the grocery store. Have any of you tried acupuncture? I’ve been doing it at least once a month for over a year now. It can help with a lot of things including your yoga practice.

Here’s how acupuncture helps my practice-

I have knee issues. I screwed up my right knee  from running. I decided to stop before it got out of hand and ended with me getting a knee replacement. Yoga may or may not help my knee. I honestly cannot tell. However, when my knee is bothering me I am sometimes limited in a few of the yoga postures (awkward being the worst!). If I have a bad pain in my knee I do not push it.

So when I go to acupuncture, my guy can treat my knee specifically where it hurts. And it does work. The pain will get better or go away all together which lets me do more in class.  I don’t get why it works. I don’t care why it works. But if you have some discomfort it might help. It helps me.

Anyways, I cannot believe I have made it this far. I am feeling great! I don’t always feel great in class, but I feel so wonderful outside of class. It’s that amazing feeling outside the hot room that drives me back into it. I was going a lot before the challenge started (4-6 days a week), but I never felt as good as I do now. Now I get why they say you can do Bikram yoga everyday.

A couple other random points I want to make:

1. The electrolyte supplement has been a God-send. Seriously. I take it before and after class. I may start taking one in the late afternoon. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. But if you are doing a challenge or going five or six days a week (or doing doubles) it could be of help.

2. The cucumber juice has been amazing. I got used to the taste very quickly. Of course, I blend it with an apple and a lemon.

Both the juice and the supplement are great for Bikram yogis. I know I need all the magnesium and potassium I can get. Since doing these two things I have been able to stop taking my magnesium and potassium supplements (well, I guess I just substituted them for the electrolyte, but whatever). If you need to get more magnesium and potassium into you, I recommend looking into these things – particularly the cucumber juice! That juice is loaded with lots of goodness that we sweat out in the room.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kat
    May 24, 2012 @ 20:50:50

    Acupuncture is great, I started having weekly physio & acupuncture a few months before TT during my 60 day challenge, to release a nearly frozen shoulder. My hips have always been ‘wonky’ one pant leg is always higher than the other. One quick needle to my left, lower back, right in the thick fatty area & my hips were straight!! It does wipe you out afterwards but it really helped target those tight spots right where you need tit.


  2. Verda Lagrow
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 06:34:35

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