Day 21: You Look Super-Healthy!

I have to say, Day 21 was rough. I am assuming it’s because I went to acupuncture yesterday. My acupuncturist has recommended I wait at least 24 hours between seeing him and doing yoga. It’s a system that works. But today, I went to class maybe about 18 hours after my appointment. Close enough. Maybe. All I know is class was a slow downhill descent into oblivion. I laid in savassanah for about 1/4 of the floor series. It was one of those praying to make it through classes. I felt queasy, which is exactly how acupuncture left me feeling yesterday.

But, hey, I knew rough classes were part of the deal when I started this challenge. I stayed in the room and did my best. After class I did my back bends. Just three. I really didn’t feel great, and I decided today was not the say to push it. Plus, I got so dizzy after each one I had to sit down for nearly a minute.

On to better news though. Yesterday, my acupuncturist gave me this powder that is supposed to help my knee. You mix the powder with some vaseline and it makes a paste. Spread paste on knee, gauze it up, and go to bed. It’s some kind of Chinese herb blend.

I had to go buy all the necessary stuff for applying this paste to me knee. So I went to the drugstore. At the register was a guy who has worked there for awhile. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months. We had a conversation that went something like this:

Him: You look amazing! You have lost so much weight since the last time I saw you.

Me: Thanks, but I’ve only lost maybe 2-3 pounds since then.

Him: Really? You looked healthy before, but you look super-healthy now. If you didn’t lose any weight, then what is it?

That’s a mega compliment as far as I’m concerned. It makes all the yoga worthwhile. I would imagine it’s a combination of diet and yoga. I don’t think anyone has ever told me I look super-healthy.

I also want to point out that it’s not always about our weight. My weight is fine. Sure, there are people who practice Bikram in order to lose weight. If that’s you then great. But the yoga actually changes how our bodies look, and that’s not always about weight. Mark dug up some pictures of me prior to ever starting Bikram. My weight was in it’s normal range, but I look so different. I look kind of puffy. He said I have much more muscle tone and definition now than I did then.

So if you’re having a rough day, just know that sticking with the practice is worth it. Sometimes we have to wait to see the benefits, but they are there, and they are coming.


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