Day 24: More of the Same

Day 24 was fine. I felt stronger than I did on Day 23 so that’s something. I think I am over my recent rough patch, but I haven’t hit a place where it’s smooth sailing. I am longing for one of those kick-ass classes where things come easy, and I feel strong. It will come, I know. Be patient.

My postures today were nothing special except for half-tortoise. I rocked that one out. Basically, I can go down (and come up) and almost keep my hips to my heels the entire time. They come off a bit at the very end when I go down, and a little bit when I am coming back up. But the thing is they only come up a little bit. It’s made the posture super fun to pay attention to.

In camel news, I actually went all the way back in second set. I probably could have gone all the way back in first set, but I decided to use the first set as a warm-up. I am not a strong back bender, and so I didn’t want to push it. After class I stayed and did four back bends. I am getting stronger here. I can do three now with almost no problem which is why I pushed it to four. Additionally, I am not getting as dizzy between each one. I still get dizzy. I still have to sit down between each one, but not for as long. Also, back bends after class feel amazing. Even when I feel dizzy and horrible doing them, I am always glad I did them.

Looking forward to Day 25 and what it will bring.



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