Day 25!

Wow! Day 25. If I was doing a 30 day challenge I would almost be done. I’m glad I’m not doing a 30-day. I need to do more.

Since today was a holiday my studio only offered one class at 9:00. It was packed. I got there five minutes after the doors opened and there were already 15 mats set up in the room. Yes, I counted. I had 25 minutes until class started. Had to do something. Being a pretty full class meant the room got extra steamy. I did manage a good spot though. It was near a fan and a door. The instructor opened the door a couple of times (a rare treat), and at least my toes could feel a breeze.

Class was fine. I am out of the woods for now in terms of difficult classes. I was getting dizzy in the standing series and sat down here and there. I did the floor series pretty well. I had great camels! I am starting to like camel. The impossible is becoming a reality.

My after class back bends are getting better. I am noticing small improvents each day. I am doing more, holding them longer, and getting less dizzy. I think all these back bends are helping my floor bow.

This challenge is going by so fast. It’s not at all like what I expected. Day 30 and then Day 33 (the official halfway point) will be here soon.


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