Day 31:Getting Stronger

It’s day 31. Almost the halfway point, and I am getting stronger in many ways. First, my arm. It is definitely better. I’m not sure what the problem was or what caused it, but that almost doesn’t matter. As of today, I only have two postures I absolutely cannot do because of the discomfort (unfortunately, triangle is not one of these postures). Once I get to the point of being able to do all the postures then I will return to my backbending practice. For now, I’m a little bit wary of putting my arm through backbends.

Having an injury just reinforced for me that I can show up and do things to the best of my ability. I also learned that I really am not concerned with what anyone might think. For the first couple of days after my injury, my half-moon looked so pathetic. I could not get my arms over my head. But I did what I could, and it’s only now that I realized I didn’t worry what anyone thought about what I was doing. I went in and did my best. I think because I did my best there was nothing in my head to worry about. All I had to pay attention to was how far to push it in terms of my injury.

I’m also super excited about starting the advanced class on Thursday. I cannot imagine that I am going to give this a whirl. I have come so far since I first started a little over two years ago. Even a year ago I don’t think I could have seen myself doing the advanced series. Keeping at it just makes us all stronger. We don’t always know how we will get stronger or when it will come. We usually don’t get to decide the ways in which this yoga will make us stronger, but if we’re open to it and accept it, it will happen!

Finally, today I stepped up to the front row. I never set up in the front row if I am sick or recovering from an injury. There was a gentleman in front of me, and it was his second day. I don’t think he wanted to be there, but it was crowded in the room. The instructor asked for volunteers to switch. Nobody volunteered. I said I would do it (and give up my sweet fan spot!) as long as the instructor didn’t mind me doing it with my arm not healed. Not a problem. Up I went.

I really didn’t give it a moment’s thought once I got up there. Usually my brain starts whining about being in the front row and questionning if I am strong enough and worthy enough to be in the front row. You know – usual monkey brain crap. Today it had none of that. Maybe it was asleep. I hope it doesn’t come back full force tomorrow!



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