Day 32: Hold the Door!!!!!!!!!!

I left right on time for class today. All was going well until I ran into a major accident. The highway I was going on was open heading in the direction of the studio. In the other direction – shut down. Major accident. Traffic being rerouted which caused a back up on my side. I made it in by the skin of my teeth. When I was almost ready to exit for the studio, I relaxed a bit seeing I had six minutes left. Then realized the clock in my car was 2-3 minutes slow. Crap. I had time to throw down my mat, run to the bathroom, and breathe for a second before class started. I hate starting class with my brain scrambled. I prefer to have 10-15 minutes to hang out in the studio and get myself calm and centered.

Ok, well, I made it. Let’s be glad for that.

The entire second row was taken up by mats and most of the third. I could have my pick of real estate over in the swamp (the hottest part of the room with no fans), but I decided not to. Someone waved me over and told me to put my mat next to her’s except her’s was in the second row. She was pointing at the front row. You know what I think? I think next time I am going to start dragging people up into the front row with me. Seriously, the one place to set up that wasn’t hot as death was in the front row. No time to think about it. Just went there. And nobody joined me on that side. To one side of the podium, it was just me in the front row. There were two others on the other side. That was kind of nice because I never had to worry about wacking someone with my hand when I went in and out of eagle.

Overall, it was a good class. Most of my arm issues are gone. I had to come out of balancing stick a bit early because it started to hurt, and I cannot pull my arms back over my head in fixed-firm without pain. But I did get to do camel today! I did full on camel for both sets and held it the whole time. I am really starting to like it. I felt awful in first set (physically), but I found a spot on the wall behind me, focused on it, and breathed. In either first or second set I actually got a “Nice, Leigh,” from the instructor. A compliment in camel! I would never have imagined that in a million years!

Tomorrow is Day 33 and my halfway point. I am really, really glad I decided to do a 66 day challenge. I am so glad I did not stop at Day 30. I am looking forward to what the next half of my challenge will bring.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 17:31:11

    U go girl! I’m just lovin’ your journey!


  2. Lisa @ Just here. Just now.
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 09:05:37

    Congrats on getting to your halfway point! That’s huge! That’s so interesting about the rows at your studio. At mine, the first row is first to fill up…no one wants to be in the back! Glad you made it to class and namaste.


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