Day 38

For now, I have just resigned myself to the front row. It forces me to stay on my feet. Plus, I have noticed that I have started giving up my good spots in other rows for new people when it is crowded. When I give up my spot, I just end up sliding into the front row. At least if I pick the front row from the start I can pick a good spot. While it is not possible to be under a fan in the front row, I can configure myself so my feet get some breeze in savassanah. Better than nothing!

I got a compliment today on my first back bend (the one after half moon). The instructor noticed I was improving. Yes, I am! I do appreciate the compliment. It lets me know that I am not crazy for thinking I have improved.  I noticed I could see people behind me. I don’t usually see anything but the ceiling. But since this is an impossible posture in terms of knowing what I look like when I’m in it, having someone notice an improvement is great. I will take it! The goal is to take a picture of me in the posture tomorrow. If that works out, I’ll post it no matter what I look like! Remember, I said I was good today. I didn’t say I was consistent yet. 🙂

I’m also working on pacing myself. Before I just went at it and then would often start to run out of steam near the end. Today, I noticed I was out of breath during the second set of standing bow. Instead of jumping back in after I had fallen out, I grabbed my ankle, raised my arm, stood there, and breathed. No harm in that. When I find myself a bit dizzy I am taking a breath and getting back into the posture at last a little bit. I’m trying to work on being in the posture to some extent when the instructor calls “change.” I find that being in the posture is much better than standing and breathing.

On to Day 39!


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  1. Linda
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 20:50:49

    Oh Leigha, I AM YOU! I go through the EXACT same things! Just know I’m reading along each day and identifying with everything you say! I go to class at 9:30 am 5 days a week and I soooo get it! Hang in there and keep writing!


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