Day 47: Can I Just Take a Nap?

No. I cannot just go and take a nap. I need to do a smidgen of work and pick the pugs up from daycare. Yes, my dogs go to daycare. It helps keep them socialized. They go once a week to get out and meet other doggies.

Day 47 kicked my pootie. I am writing this four hours after class ended, and my pootie is still feeling like it had the what’s-it completely kicked out of it. I am also starting to sound like I blog for Dr. Seuss. I’m out of it. If you practice Bikram, you have been there.

I started off with a great attitude. I’ve been having a nice run of strong classes lately. I started to worry when my string of happy classes would end, but then I decided to pretend it would never end. I decided my good classes would go on forever. Ha ha. Just wishing it, and believing in it with all my might, does not make it so. Too bad for me. Too bad for us all.

My butt was sufficiently kicked before we landed in triangle. I thought we would never get to tree, and then I thought tree would never freaking end. Just get me on the floor already! Please! I might die standing up. That would be interesting, but I really just wanted to lay down in my savassanah.

But the good news is I did not sit out a posture – technically. I laid down in savassanah each time it came around. I did my sit up when it was time. Sometimes I did the posture. Other times I simply sat up. Just sitting up wasn’t easy, but it totally counts. I wanted to pack it in and just lay in savassanah starting with cobra. If I could have laid there from cobra until the very end I would have.

Of course I could have done just that, but I told myself no. I will at least make myself sit up each and every stinking time. When class was over I couldn’t get out of that room fast enough. It was one of those days were it felt like the room was 150 degrees. Seriously, we’ve all been there. Nothing you can do but accept it’s gonna be that kind of class and go with the flow.

Day 47 was still not as bad as Day 22 which will go down (I hope) as my worst class ever for the challenge if not the worst class of all time for me. I hope there’s nothing out there that’s worse than Day 22. If there is, it probably involves me sprinting from the room because something awful is getting ready to happen. Day 48 has to be better.


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  1. Tina
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 14:16:06

    Hi! I live in Portland, OR, and I just took up Bikram yoga 19 days ago. I am doing my own secret challenge. “Secret” because I have not told anyone about it yet. I want to go to class every day till I go home to GA on June 29. I missed one day because we had a union party that I just could not miss. Just wanted to say hi and say thanks for chronicling your practice. I have been following along, and it is motivational. I agree that the feeling you have outside the room makes killing yourself in the room worth it. I think I am addicted. I’m a seventh grade teacher. “Literacy studies”–is that a teaching-related field, like how to teach literacy? I am going to be leading a graduate class next week on teaching through reading workshop. I am very interested in literacy studies of that nature.


  2. leighahall
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 17:52:15

    Hi Tina! Thanks for leaving a comment, and welcome to the wondeful world of Bikram yoga. I’m a former middle school teacher (6th-grade language arts/social studies). I do research in the area of adolescent literacy. My work centers on better understanding and working with middle school students who are labeled as struggling readers. You can see more here

    My email is there. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about literacy related work.


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  4. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Feb 03, 2015 @ 03:38:24

    Day 47: Can I Just Take a Nap? #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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