Day 51: Signing On for a Double

The days are starting to run together. I have to check my own blog to see what day I am on.

I had a thought about my last class of the challenge (two weeks from tomorrow, and it will be over!). Tell me if I am losing my marbles, but I thought I would do a double that day and go to the 9:00 and 3:00. I kind of see the 3:00 as putting a cherry on top of the whole thing. This is something I have to commit to in advance. I can’t wait and see how I feel the day before or the day of. I just have to decide to do it and then do it.

I see no reason not to do it except that maybe it is an insane thing to do. However, my weekly participation in fight club and additional evening training for regionals (that I do at home) is way more nutso than doing a double on the last day of my challenge.

So there. I have just signed on for a double on July 8th. Anyone else want to join me?

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