Day 52: Three Sets!

Day 52 was a bit different. First, instead of going to the 9:00 class, I went to the 3:00 class. It was the studio owner’s birthday. To celebrate, we were having a class where we did three sets of every posture. She took the class with us. Another instructor taught.

Since I was going to the 3:00 class I felt like I had all kinds of time today. I decided to spend my morning working in my greenhouse. I got a greenhouse back in March/April. My goal is to grow mostly peppers and tomatoes year-round and of course some herbs. I really want to grow unusual peppers, and I might be finding my niche with habaneros. They are loving my greenhouse. I’m growing three different kinds. I am most interested in the mustard and the chocolate. The chocolate habanero is supposed to be hard to grow from seed (so say many hobbiests), but I have five growing from seed. One looks absolutely gorgeous. They are slow growing though. I think all habaneros are that way. Patience.

Sidenote: Gardening in a greenhouse is an insane hobby to have for someone who practices Bikram (or it’s to be expected – you decide). I was in there today and noticed it felt a bit sticky. My thermometer said it was 110 degrees with 45% humidty. We could have class in there! So I go to class AND I hang out in my greenhouse. Nuts.

Anyways, before we get to class you also need to know that a shovel fell on my this morning. I got nailed hard in the head with the handle. Not enough to produce a bump, but enough to make me cry. It was seriously painful. Since there was no bump, I went to class.

Class was two hours long, and it was fun. Of course, let’s put this in perspective. I go to fight club every week, and last week fight club was almost three hours (in addition to my regular 90 minute class). So a two hour class with one extra set of each posture – a beginning posture- was not a stretch.

What annoyed me was I had to sit down twice near the end of the standing series. I got a bit dizzy. Since I had whacked my head that morning I didn’t know if I was dizzy because I hit my head or because of something else. I had to be careful. So I sat down. Stinks, but when dealing with a head injury – even a very minor one – best to be conservative.

There were some fun things in doing the postures. Like in standing-separate-leg stretching pose, we turned and faced the back wall for the third set. So when I put my forehead on the floor between my legs I looked into the mirror and saw my butt. I was allowed to do the advanced version of balancing stick for third set which, I think, is way easier than regular balancing stick. You still set up like balancing stick, but when you go down you separate your arms and bring them out behind you like airplane wings. Kinda like full locust. I enjoy it better than keeping my arms with my ears. Plus, I can rock it out. I cannot normally rock out regular old balancing stick.

Doing three sets of each posture was fun and definitely something different. We had cake afterwards. Cake after yoga is a very, very good thing, and I’m someone who normally waits an hour or more to eat anything. Try it sometime. It won’t dissapoint!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bitchingaboutbikram
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 11:45:37

    Dude, a class of three sets sounds EXHAUSTING … but still a lot of fun. What an interesting way to mix it up. Plus, cake.


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 14:24:05

    Day 52: Three Sets! #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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