Day 56: Excuse Me. I Think I Sprung a Leak

Have you ever had one of those classes where everything just flows beautifully. You do one posture well. You do the next posture well. You fall out, but you get back in. No big deal. You just float through class. Class is beautiful and perfect. It’s like being on a yoga high.

Do you know that class? That is NOT the class that showed up for me today.

It started off good. The studio owner is thinking about getting new flooring. She had two giant sample squares, and she asked me if I would like to practice on them and give feedback. Heck yeah! That is super-fun.

The squares got set up in the front row. Another person joined in with me.  Class started.

Two minutes into class I felt like death. You know that class, right? The class where you start gushing sweat the second you walk into the room and don’t stop until you leave. The kind of class where you need someone to put a plug in you because you obviously sprung a leak. The kind of class that feels like it is three hours and not 90 minutes. The kind of class where the instructor says, “The humidity is just a little under where it’s supposed to be,” and you think, “Oh my freaking God! Are you kidding me? I thought it was at least 50% higher than what it was supposed to be.” Yeah, that class.

I had that class today. Then I got to stay for fight club.

I felt really, really bad for the guy that was practicing on the floor sample with me. I don’t know what this stuff was, but I had literally pools of sweat all over it, and they were all headed in his direction. I don’t think he was happy with me, but dude, I am sorry (I even apologized after class to him)! It is hot yoga, and sometimes you just have a class like that where you literally sweat out a swimming pool.

In a way, my uber-sweating was good because we could see how this new floor reacted to it. It didn’t react well. I went back into the room 30 minutes after class – right before fight club – and cleaned the floor sample so it could be moved. It took 10 paper towels to get it all soaked up. A lot of it had dried out, but not all of it. I could not imagine coming to class after other people had sweated all over the floor. There would be pools of sweat everywhere. The instructors would have to clean the floor all the time all day long. I don’t think this particular floor type is going to work.

Anyways, I managed to stay on my feet through class and not die. These classes happen. I managed to make it through fight club too. I credit that to my awesome cucumber juice that I drank as soon as class was over. Here’s an interesting tidbit about fight club. I have gone four times now. I practice the fight club postures once a week and yet somehow I am improving in some of them. Isn’t that weird? I have no idea how that is happening, but it is happening.

Well, all that is behind me now. Onward to Day 57 where I hopefully won’t be leaking all over the floor again!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ૐ (@ilovesweat)
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 14:22:05

    if you’re gonna bikram, you gotta learn to love (your) sweat :~} oh, and bikram makes everything else easier, so don’t be surprised when you see improvements in other activities just know the yoga is working!


  2. Linda
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 21:50:46

    Hi Leigha, I read you everyday, but somehow I missed what fight club is. What is fight club? I picture you kickboxing. Lol!


    • leighahall
      Jun 29, 2012 @ 14:59:18

      Fight Club is the name I gave to the advanced class. On Thursdays I take the regular 90 minute class, have a 30 minute break, and then do the 2-hour advanced series to help prepare for regional competition.


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