Day 62: What’s In the Yoga Hole?

I’m back!  No, I’m not back to blogging. Clearly I never left my blog. Nope. I am finally out of that big ‘ol yoga hole I feel into somewhere around Day 56. It’s taken me a solid five days to climb out of it.

I have now done two stints in the yoga hole. Each one seems to least 4-5 days. I know. Fun, right?

What is in this hole?

My second time through I actually figured out what is in the darn thing. It’s very easy to get distracted while in the yoga hole. You feel like vomiting (a lot).You get dizzy (a lot). You are tired (a lot). Basically, the yoga hole takes everything bad about the practice and adds A LOT to the end of it. BUT,all these awful things are not really in the yoga hole. These awful things are distractions. I know. It only took me about 10 days of my practice to figure this out. But if you haven’t had the chance to experience the yoga hole yet then I am saving you some time when you fall in it.

Don’t worry. You’ll fall in. The yoga hole will decide your fate.

I am pretty sure we all fall in it even if we are not in a challenge. It’s just that with a challenge you know that it’s only a matter of time before you fall into it. I already knew to be aware of it, generally speaking. I am pretty sure I have stumbled in and out of it on occasion during my practice before the challenge. Ever have a run of bad classes? Not one bad class, but several? That’s the yoga hole my friends. That one bad class you had in isolation? You stuck your toe in it. The run of them? You were swimming in it.

But of course I still haven’t told you what’s in the hole. Don’t worry. I’m gonna tell you. On Saturday. I cooked up something nice for you all for Saturday’s post. Part of that post will tell you what’s in the yoga hole. If you’ve done a stint in it you should know the answer. If you don’t, you will smack yourself in the head when I tell you. It’s so obvious.

Yeah – so obvious that it took me ten grueling days to figure it out (not counting all the time before the challenge when I fell in and didn’t know it).

In the meantime just know this:

The yoga hole is not a fun place to be, but it is a necessary place to visit. It’s not like visiting an awful relative for the sake of playing nice. No. This is one of those places you have to visit in order to kick things up a notch. It’s like taking bad medicine. The yoga hole is all for your own good.

Having said that,I will tell you that when you come out of the hole it’s awesome. The sun shines brighter. The room doesn’t feel as hot. You don’t sweat entire oceans. Your postures are even better (well, maybe not triangle….).

You don’t decide when you get to go into the hole. You don’t decide when you get to come out. The best you can do is try to hang out and ride it out. And pay attention to what happens to you during and after. Yep.I said it. Go into the crappy yoga hole and take notes while you’re there. Then tell us about it.

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  2. Leonard Marks
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 12:48:11

    great post


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