Day 65: Updates and a Prezi

Class today has come and gone. It was great! I thought I would use today’s post to give y’all some updates on where this blog is headed after Day 66 and share my Prezi.

Day 65: The Interesting Part

By now you know I am competing in the NC regionals on November 4th. I often do postures at home to prepare for the competition. Last night, I did five sets of standing head to knee. My right hamstring was still really tight from Fight Club, and I couldn’t lock my right knee when kicking out for the first four sets. Still, I practiced holding the posture and kicked out as much as I could.

In class today I noticed an immediate difference when we got to the posture. On both sides, I was able to stay in the posture with my hands under my foot until we were told to kick out. I had a bit more stamina! Usually I fall out at least once before we’re told to kick out. I thought that was pretty cool.

I’m also practicing my camels at home. It doesn’t look like I am practicing them in class. In class, lately I can barely do camel when we get there, but I am doing 20 a day at home. I do them in sets of five throughout the afternoon and evening. The backbend that we do with the half-moon series has gotten way better. I can see about halfway down the wall. It happened yesterday in second set and today in both sets. Way cool! That gives me motivation to do MORE camels. Now I try to set up along the back of the room next to the light switch or the bar so I have something to measure my progress with and also something to look for.

What’s Happening After Day 66?

I’m still going to be blogging about My Bikram Yoga Life after Day 66, but I won’t be blogging every single day. Prior to the challenge, I blogged on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thursday was always my featured vegetarian recipe for the week.  I am going to go back to that schedule. I may blog a bit more here and there, but you can count on those four days. I’ll have a lot to say about prepping for the competition I am sure! I will be out of town on Monday. Expect blogging to resume again July 14th. I will be traveling a bit during July, and I won’t be able to blog every weekend, but when I’m in town I’ll be blogging away.

I Made a Prezi

I thought it would be fun to wrap up my challenge (I know, I still have one more day and it’s a double!) by making a Prezi that highlighted some of the interesting things. A few things to know before you view it:

(a) this was the first time I ever made a prezi. If you set your bar low, you will enjoy it

(b) don’t forget to zoom in on some areas like the world map and the yoga hole or you’ll miss what I think are some of the best parts

(c) make sure you pay attention to the You Tube video I embedded in it. If you’re a Bikram student, it’s good for a laugh

(d) set you bar low. Did I say that already? It’s an important point.

Go here to see it.


Finally, thanks to everyone for reading this blog and supporting me through my challenge. It has been so much fun getting to know you. I hope you will continue with me on my next journey to regionals.








1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 17:36:26

    Really enjoyed your daily challenge reports and this blog. Have a wonderful trip!


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