Let’s Just Do Five

After class yesterday one of the other students came up to me (as I was getting ready to leave the hot room) and asked me if I wanted to stay and do backbends with her.

No. I do not. I hate doing extra backbends. Yes, I do them at home like a good little competitor. But after class? I want to leave! Besides, I am now showing up 20 minutes before class to practice my advance postures for competition. Can’t a girl go home?

I am pretty sure I made a “no” face at her. And then she said, “Let’s just do five.”

Ok. When you put it that way. So I hauled myself into the far back corner of the room – the hottest part of the room also known as the swamp – and we did our five backbends. And you know, it really wasn’t that bad. It was nice to have someone to do them with.

Yoga can be isolating in that it’s you and the postures, but there are plenty of ways for us to come together and support one another. This small gesture to do backbends together got me to do something I wasn’t about to do, showed me I can always push myself a bit farther, and let me know that doing backbends is always more fun when you have a buddy.



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