Let’s Do Some Backbends!

At home, I’m supposed to backbend, backbend, and backbend some more. Them’s my orders. All the backbending truly does matter. I feel better. Literally. After I do about 10-15 my back starts to feel great even if I didn’t think it felt bad before. It does help with my postures (I think). At least I notice improvements in things like camel and floor bow. But I also go 5-7 days a week. I can’t be sure. I just trust the process.

All summer long I did mostly camels as my backbending of choice. In the summer, this was easy. I was wearing clothing that let me drop into camel easily. Now that the semester has started up at UNC, I find that camel is not always easy. Camel just isn’t comfortable to do in nicer clothes. What to do?

Well, most people do wall walks. This is where you bend backwards and put your hands on the wall behind you (I start out with my hands above my head on the wall). Then you walk your hands down the wall as far as you can go. Jedi Fight Club has a great example that was recently posted.  Side note: Does anyone want to go to Jedi Fight Club? I would love to go in the summer if I can make it work, but I really want a buddy with me.

I have no problem with wall walks except they freak me the heck out. I don’t like doing them. I can’t explain why they freak me out. But on Saturday, I recognized that if I wanted to keep up my backbending during the semester (while I was in my office), then I might want to consider doing them. It is easier to do in my office than camel.

Do you know how to get over being freaked out by something? Start freaking doing it.

So on Saturday I made the decision to start doing wall walks. On Sunday I began actually doing them. And, because I have some strange obessessive personality that can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to chart them. Sunday and Monday I did 25 wall walks (50 total). Today I have done zero (go me!) but it’s not even 8:00 am yet. I just started doing them, and by Monday they were less scary. I’m also keeping track of them to make myself accountable. If I have a day with few backbends so be it, but I’m gonna know it and have to contend with it in some way. Plus, I want to see how far I can push myself. 25 in a day is good for out of the gate. Can I hit 30? Of course I can!

I don’t count any backbends that I do during actual class. These are only the backbends that I do, you know, for happy extra fun time. Yesterday I was making it about halfway down the wall in my office. I’m just waiting for someone to throw open the door and see me like that!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simmm
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 07:38:37

    Hi Leigh! Thank you for sharing. You’re right about how to get over being freaked out about something. (Now I need to follow your lead and go back to the yoga studio I’ve been avoiding.)

    Do you have any tips on how to start wall walking? I’ve never done it before. I assume you just go as far as is comfortable in the beginning, i. e. not all the way down the wall? 😮
    Should I prepare by doing a hundred thousand camels before I attempt it?


  2. leighahall
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 13:59:16

    So Katie taught me this. You only go as far as you are comfortable. I don’t make it anywhere near the floor. Yesterday I made it about halfway to the floor, and that was a big deal. Just do it. Go slow. Don’t hurt yourself. I’m not necessarily doing camels before I do wall walks.


    • Simmm
      Aug 30, 2012 @ 08:13:41

      Thank you for you reply! Yesterday I started doing camels at home. I will make this a daily habit and then try wall walks soon 🙂 In the Jedi Fight Club video they all make it look so easy that I was wondering if anybody should be able to go all the way down o__O


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