All Aboard!

I thought I would write some about my backbending experiences this week. It’s been interesting.

When I started doing the backbending at home more seriously, I really got into having the sticky tape on the wall. I think the first few days I was just finding my edge. That tape kept making its way down to the floor. I knew, I just knew that I would be able to make it down the wall and to the floor so much sooner than I ever could have imagined.

But here’s the thing…..

That first week was really about my back opening up and finding my edge. On Tuesday afternoon, I knew I had found my edge. I knew that the right thing to do was stay at my edge and keep working at it for awhile. What’s awhile? Who knows? I knew I should stay there until it got to be easy for me. When I found my edge, it wasn’t easy for me. I could get there, but it was a challenge.

So I stayed at my edge and kept working there, right?

No! Not at all! Why should I do a perfectly reasonable thing like that when I could push myself just a tiny bit further down the wall? What’s a tiny bit further, right? If I can do it I should, right?

Yeah – well let me tell you where that train of thought ends. It ends at Injury Station. That’s where you go when you ride that train.

Guess who bought herself a ticket to Injury Station?

I went down that wall and hit my marker. I hit my edge. And then I pushed it. Just one more hand down further. Just one. And something slipped. I don’t know if it was my footing or my hand, but I slipped.

Now, the smart thing to do in this situation would be to drop to the floor. Worst case scenario I bang my head on the wall, but it wouldn’t have been that hard or anything.

Did I do that? Did I crash on my butt?


I attempted to regain my grip and go back up the wall. Genuis I tell you! I’m just a backbending genius!

And do you know what I did as I went back up the wall? My back twisted every so slightly to the right. I knew at that moment I was injured. I’m just lucky it was a very, very, very minor injury.

I went to class about 90 minutes later. Part of me wonders if I healed quicker because I went to class so soon. I don’t know. I could not go all the way back in fixed firm. I just had to sit there between my legs. I could not even go halfway back in camel. I could not just put my hands on my hips and drop my head back to any degree. I didn’t even try that first backbend you do with half moon.

On Wednesday I did no backbends at home and did not go to class (my current schedule does not allow for class on Wednesdays anyways).

On Thursday I could do fixed firm and I could go halfway back in camel. I could not grab my heels.

By Friday I was fine.

Find your edge and respect it. That’s the lesson for today. Just because you can go there doesn’t mean you should.


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