I Ate the Vegan Cheese

On Tuesday I practiced at a different Bikram studio. Mine was getting new carpet installed (Flotex). Initially, I was going to meet Mark after class for dinner. Then I realized I read the schedule wrong. Class started at 5:30 (I had thought 5:00 – glad I caught that!). So Mark told me to just come on home and he would have something ready for dinner.

I came home and found he had made quesadillas with a black lentil salad. Great. Fine. I sat down to eat, and he stopped me from glopping sour cream on them. He told me he had put vegan cheese in them. I should try them without the sour cream first. So I did. You know what? Not to shabby.

The more I ate it, the more I liked it. It didn’t have as strong of a taste as regular cheese, it was a bit bland, but it was fine. It melted great, and I would use it on sandwiches. Maybe pizza. Maybe.

Mark used Daiya which he got at Whole Foods. I’d been staring at the Daiya forever. I’d always decide I wasn’t ready for it yet and walk away. But Mark went and threw me into the deep end of the pool. Thanks honey. Turns out, I can swim just fine.

I tried the daiya by itself afterwards. It’s not awful, but I wouldn’t sit around and snack on it. It needs to be a part of something to taste good I think. Anyways, point is that vegan cheese can be made to work in your meals. I had been interested in trying it but very hesitant. Of course once I had tried the quesadilla and decided it was fine I glopped on some sour cream and ruined the concept of having a vegan dinner. I’ll get it straightened out eventually.



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