Why Am I The Only Person in Savassanah?

I was so tired on Thursday when I dragged myself into the studio for my regular class+fight club. Since the semester has started again, I’ve been working 12 hour days on Mondays and Wednesdays so I can have Thursdays for yoga. When I’m not working, I’m in class or I’m doing back bends or practicing my routine.

I am so tired.

My class on Thursday was crap. I thought that once we got started I would feel better, but I was wrong. I just wanted to lay down and take a nap. Everyone else could do the postures. I just wanted to sleep. But I did the postures anyways. And, I would like add, that while my class was crap it was the best I could do. I just wasn’t happy with it.  However, since I gave my best maybe it wasn’t really crap. Maybe a crap class is one in which you can do more and choose not too.

Anyways, the best part came at the end.

We did our sit up and set up for the first side of spine-twist. When we came out of spine-twist the correct thing to do is set up for the other side. Not me! I went into savassanah. I was waiting for the instructor to tell me to sit up. I noticed everyone around me was not in savassanah. What the heck? So I sat up.

I set up my spine twist on the same side I had just done. Everyone else was set up correctly. This means I was facing them, and they were all staring at me. Why is everyone staring at me? Why can I not get this right? Ok – I figure out I’m setting up the wrong side. I look up and the instructor is laughing because really, what else can you do? I started laughing too and said, “I told you I was really tired.”

I did eventually get a 45-minute nap. It was glorious.

Today I am off to raft the Gauley in West Virginia. Blogging resumes on Tuesday.

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  1. Mark
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 16:22:45

    Been there, done that!! Only that I straight up fell asleep!! Startling and then embarrassing to wake up with the instructor kneeling above you asking if I want to finish with the rest of the class (apparently I was snoring….). Enjoy your weekend!! Peace.


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