What’s My Worst Posture?

Recently I learned about the October Unprocessed challenge over at Eating Rules. The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like – eat unprocessed foods for the month of October. That’s easier said than done, right?

I’m not participating in the challenge at all this year. For one thing, I learned about it two days ago. I haven’t had the space in my head to think about what such a challenge would require from me. But I am following along and enjoying reading the different guest posts that appear each day sharing experiences with the challenge.

Today, I read a post called, “What’s Your Absolute Worst Regular Meal?” The author challenges us to identify a meal we eat regularly, that we know is not very good for us, and get rid of it for the month of October. Then figure out an unprocessed alternative. The author, and I would say everyone who I have read through the Eating Rules site, encourages us to understand our limits and be reasonable about how to push ourselves. October Unprocessed is not just for people who want to eat only 100% unprocessed for a month. It could be changing one meal a week. It could be getting rid of fast food. It’s up to you. Find your limits and figure out what you’re ready to push on. That’s the message.

This post got me thinking about yoga. I think about yoga pretty much all day long in case you haven’t learned yet. I thought, well, what’s our worst posture? You can define worst posture however you want. For me, worst posture isn’t about how deep I can go. As long as I’m in the posture the best that my body will allow then I’m doing great no matter what that looks like compared to people around me. I think worst posture is the posture I CAN do but choose not to or the posture I CAN do but come out early of (coming out early when I get a cramp is acceptable). And worst posture might not even be the right terminology to use here, but it’s a start for thinking about how I limit myself, or how my mind limits myself, in my practice.

So I’m going to go to class today and pay attention to how my mind limits my body in practice. I already know it happens in triangle and camel (although I can stick it out in camel). I’m wondering where else. I will investigate and report back after my weekend with Joseph.


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