Beep Beep: The Yoga Bus!

Practice long enough, and you’ll get to take a ride on the yoga bus. Or have it mow you down. I actually think there are two different yoga busses running around out there.

First, there’s the good, happy yoga bus that makes class so much fun. Wheee!!!!! Class may be 90 minutes but it felt like five.

Who wouldn’t want to go for a ride?

All my postures were super awesome. The room felt super great. Everyone here is so fantastic. I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow! This yoga bus isn’t always on time. Sometimes it takes a few postures before it shows up because, you know, relax man. We’re all going to the same place. But then you get on it, and it’s this glorious beautiful fun loving time. Everything flows from one thing to the next. Time is suspended. You get the munchies. 

Then there’s the OTHER yoga bus. The other yoga bus is prompt (of course it is – no one’s going to wait for it) and shows up as soon as you take your first inhale for class. It pulls up, parks next to you, opens the door, and drags you kicking and screaming onto it. The other bus doesn’t have any sort of air conditioning. It’s locked down tight, and you start to sweat bullets as soon as the door shuts. The driver is terrible. He lurches everywhere making you dizzy. Time feels extended on this bus. Sure, you’re still on it for the same 90 minutes that you were with the good-time-party bus, but it feels like five hours. You’re only in awkward but swear the clock says you have actually been on the bus for two hours. Shouldn’t this bus ride be over? The drive does everything he can to force you to sit down and stay down, and you fight with every ounce of determination you have. It’s a rough battle.

It’s coming for you.

The worst part about the bus system is that you get no choice about which bus to get on. Most of the time NO bus shows up (Bikram’s bus system is not reliable). This leaves you with just another class. It was fine. Nothing major. Some stuff was good. Other stuff stunk. You feel fine. Whatever. When a bus does show up you don’t even get to pick which one you get. I have a theory about this: Whoever is running the bus system at Bikram Headquarters sends you the one you need. Not the one you want (would you ever pick the crazy bus? Maybe once to see what happened and then no more). Someone knows what you need mentally, physically, or emotionally that day and they send out the bus that’ll do that for you. Our job is to get on whatever shows up. Actually, we don’t even get a choice. We’re getting on no matter what. 









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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Sep 24, 2014 @ 15:16:24

    Beep Beep: The Yoga Bus! #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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