My Yoga Outfit Habit

I have a few yoga outfits. I attempted to do a count for this post. I came in at 12, but there’s I think three in the basement drying, and I cannot be sure I have an accurate count. It’s safe to say 12-15.  This does not count the leotard I had to buy for the competition. I have no intention of wearing that to class. I’ll tolerate it for the three minutes I’m on stage, and then it is coming right back off.

Hmmm….I thought I had a lot more than 12-15. Since I have less than what I thought I think I’ll get right back to buying more!

Since I have acquired so many I recently instituted a new rule. No yoga shorts can be worn again until all shorts have been worn once. I sometimes match the tops with multiple pairs of shorts so that’s why the rule only applies to bottoms. I had gotten into a bad habit of matching one top with multiple bottoms and recently found myself having many clean bottoms and few clean tops.  I had to buy a second black top to keep up with everything. Recently I just bought three solid tops (black, yellow, and blue). I had no idea what I would do with the yellow and blue (I have since found a use for the yellow). I just knew I needed more solid tops in my life, and I would find a way to use them.

Some people don’t see the need for getting the special yoga clothes. I understand not needing 12-15+ outfits. I do get that. Honestly, since I go five times a week I think I seven outfits would be enough. I’d have some choice in what to wear and some time to do the laundry without running out of clothes. For a long time I did not buy the yoga clothes. In fact, the first outfit I got was last January. I bought it at the end of my week of doubles challenge as a treat for myself. Oddly enough, it is my least favorite outfit. Still a good outfit though.

My thoughts are this: Yes, the yoga outfits are totally worth it. They may seem a bit pricey (40-50 dollars for a top and then for the bottom), but they last. I’ve not had any issues with mine. They are way more comfortable than what I was wearing prior (old running clothes), and they look 1000 times better. That’s why I keep buying them. I am a sucker for new prints. I tell people to try it once and see what they think, but my advice comes with a warning: You will like them so much you won’t be able to go back to your old clothes. The best you can hope for is some self-control (which I lack) and buy only what you need. I am seriously averaging 100-150 a month in yoga clothes. Not a joke.

I just did the math and figured it I averaged 80.00 per outfit and bought 15 outfits that = a lot of money spent on yoga clothes. This is why I am now against math. Math only enlightens me in ways I do not care for. I do not wish for enlightment around my yoga clothing finances. I wish to be left alone in happy yoga clothing ignorant bliss. It’s a choice I can make if I want to.

Places that sell hot yoga clothes (in no particular order):



Bikram himself has a clothing line – which is great (of course I own some, duh!) – but his site is down.

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  1. Simmm
    Oct 30, 2012 @ 14:39:43

    “This is why I am now against math. Math only enlightens me in ways I do not care for.” Hahahahaha!!! As a mathematician I feel like I have to disagree with your statement, though as a woman I certainly agree with “I do not wish for enlightenment around my yoga clothing finances.”

    Luckily the print tops don’t offer enough support for me. I would probably be in trouble otherwise.


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  7. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 22:17:07

    My Yoga Outfit Habit #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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