It’s Always Something

Bikram yoga is an adventure in and of itself. But I have found that having a regular practice changes me or gets me looking into things that I might not have considered otherwise. For example, becoming vegetarian and cutting out the soda. And now my newest adventure: a myofascial massage.

I landed on a myofascial massage while at acupuncture. My acupuncturist recently moved his practice across the street and moved in with a group of massage therapists. Of course I had to see what services were offered, and I found they do this myofascial massage thing (which I understand as much as I can by reading about it). The prices were really reasonable so I signed myself up for one in December. I’m hoping that the massage will go well, and I assume I’ll continue on with it as I think it will be beneficial to my overall yoga practice (and health of course).

My goal in getting the massage is to work on releasing my hamstrings and lower back. Anything that will help me make progress in those two areas is a plus. I’m also open to whatever the therapist notices about my body and suggests needs work. If you read up on myofascial massage – which I have done very little of – I think you’ll find it can help people with a variety of issues and concerns. I read the description and immediately thought about my hamstrings and yoga postures so that’s why I’m motivated to go. I’m assuming though that I’ve just acquired a $100.00 a month habit +tip. This is in addition to my unlimited yoga membership (which is cheap. I go so much that it amounts to 4.45 a class), my monthly acupuncture trip, my monthly facial, and that nasty habit I have of buying yoga clothes. I may need a second job. Oh wait. I have one. It’s called going to yoga. I may need a third one then that actually pays.

Speaking of yoga clothes, the studio owner was kind enough (or devious enough?) to have a 20% off sale on yoga clothes. You know, if you buy two pairs of shorts the third is practically free when you factor in the discount. I’m just saying it was a good deal is all. I’m also saying I’m broke.

My coke saga also continues on. I’m doing well. Yesterday was a good day, and today seems to be good (although I have drunk half of coke #1 and it’s 7:20 am). I’m going to be holding at around 16 cokes a week for the next couple of weeks while I work through Thanksgiving and a trip to San Diego. After I get back from San Diego I’ll start cutting down. Looking forward to taking class at Bikram Yoga San Diego soon!



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