Take the 30-Day Challenge

For once, I am not talking about doing  Bikram for 30 days in a row. I’m talking about taking a 30-day vegan eating challenge. I kinda signed up for one.

I say “kinda” because I didn’t really sign up for it. The challenge requires participants to attend five Saturday meetings, and those times would prevent me from taking class on Saturday. I could give up a Saturday, but not five in a row. So I asked Mark if he would be interested in signing up and going to the meetings. He said yes, and now we’re in it together. I promised if he signed up I would eat vegan for 30 days. I think there’s probably benefit to going to these meetings. I didn’t want to just wing it when we could have a support network.

The vegan challenge is done through the Peace Advocacy Network. You can read about the challenge here. I think they have a great approach to helping people experience a vegan lifestyle and transition to one if that’s what you are after.

So why did we sign up for this? I can’t speak for Mark, but apparently I am unable to walk away from 30-day challenges. But, now that I think about it, I probably could do a 30-day Bikram challenge on top of the vegan one. That would be kinda cool. Thirty days of Bikram doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. However, there are many, many reasons I could give for why it would be a pain in my behind to do a 30-day Bikram challenge during the vegan challenge. Here they are:

(a) The vegan challenge takes place in January-February (no exact dates have been given to us yet). This means the vegan challenge falls about four weeks in to the spring semester at UNC. Doing 30 days in a row of Bikram during the semester is do-able but a pain in my patottie. This is why I did my last Bikram challenge when the semester was over.

(b) The vegan challenge will conflict with my annual Valentine’s Day dessert party. That’s an issue in and of itself. I have spent months working on the menu, and I am not going to back up and veganize the whole thing at the last minute. I am not a vgean baker. I am not going to devote the next six weeks to experiemental vegan baking. I need to pay more attention to what I will eat for my meals during those 30 days. Anyways, I usually take one or two days off from Bikram when the dessert party hits to bake. I imagine I could take class and still accomplish the party. It’s likely a matter of planning and time management. But still. Did I mention it would be a pain in my butt?

Ok – so I only have two reasons for why doing 30-days of Bikram on top of the 30-day vegan challenge would be a pain in my butt. The list seemed longer in my head. I have still not talked myself into the yoga part. I am committed to the vegan part.

I hope that over the 30-day vegan challenge I learn more about vegan cooking and eating. I do not know if I will get 100% on the vegan bandwagon, but I imagine the end result would be in eating more vegan meals. I am interested to see how I feel when I give up dairy for a month, specifically cheese as I eat it by the truck load (slight exaggeration, but only slight). I wonder if I will get leaner. I wonder what, if anything, it will do for my practice. We shall see.

Anyone want to join in? You don’t have to live in an area that is hosting the challenge to do it. You could do vegan one meal a day or two meals a week – anything that makese sense for you. Any takers out there? I’m thinking that first and foremost, as with my last Bikram challenge, I’ll blog every day during the 30-day vegan challenge. If anyone joins me, I am sure I can make room for guest bloggers if you are so inclined.

For Local Readers

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