My Tight Hips

I have tight hips. Honestly, the tightness gets in my way of doing postures as well as I would like. For example, I noticed an issue when sitting in lotus last week. My right hip was down to the floor, and my left was way up in the air. There was a noticeable difference. I want my hips to be even and on the floor. I imagine that will make things easier for lifting lotus (which I can kinda do now so yeah to that!).

I started doing hip openers regularly about three weeks ago. When I say regularly, I mean 5-7 days a week from 30-45 minutes. Usually I do that all at once. It’s not so bad. You can do hip openers and watch a movie. I get into them and hold them up to five minutes at a time.

I found a great description of hip openers (with varying degrees of difficulty). What I like about the link is that I can pull it up on my IPAD and find one to do at the same time I am in one. I also like that there are a variety listed here. I don’t have a set schedule of what I do. I just do what feels good. I hold it for as long as I want to. I’m not too hung up on it.

My two favorites right now from the link are cobbler’s pose and knee to ankle pose. I am really into holding cobbler’s pose for five minutes at a time. I know, I have strange hobbies. It’s intense, but it’s worth it. I hold cobbler’s pose for so long I can barely get out of it. Then I follow it up with pigeon just to stretch things out from all the work I did. Feels good.

So all these hip openers do feel good, but what about the pay off? Well, I haven’t been at this for long, but I am starting to notice some things. My standing bow is starting to rock out on both sides. Today, I noticed I was able to drop down and kick up significantly better on my right side (which is soooo much worse than my left). My left side is really pretty good. My hips are more aligned in floor bow. My legs are going up higher in locust. My triangle is even getting a bit better.

My thoughts on deciding which ones to do are to just try some out and do the ones that you like but also where you get a stretch. You’ll know – trust me on this. When I don’t feel like I am getting much of a stretch from one of these I stop doing it and move on to one that does!


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    My Tight Hips #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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