VC Day 10: Accidental Bacon, It’s a Cause for Celebration

Why is this vegan challenge so flipping hard? I am so tired of having meals that range from crappy to medicore. Why does this have to be so difficult! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So maybe you’ve figured out that today was not a good day in the land of the Vegan Challenge. You would be correct. Oh breakfast was fine. Lunch was fine. I had a snack that was fine (SPREAD!). But dinner? Just shoot me already.

Last night’s dinner wasn’t that great, but it was edible. Tonight’s dinner seemed easy enough. I was making lentils and rice with carmelized onions and spiced pita chips from Veganomicon. This is not hard folks. This is put stuff in a pot and pay attention to it. It pretty much takes care of itself. But my rice and lentils? Giant pot of mush.

Totally not edible. Trust me.

Totally not edible. Trust me.

And I lost it. I snapped right there in the kitchen.

What the heck are we having tonight for dinner? Oh, and I have to make it vegan, but my brain isn’t used to thinking this way so crap! My brain is used to thinking that when I screw up dinner I call in a pizza, but pizza has cheese on it and I don’t want to think about what a vegan pizza would be like at the moment! I don’t know what I’m going to have for dinner. Oh, right. We also decided that the benefit to making lentils and rice for dinner was that there would be leftovers. So what the heck will we be eating tomorrow?

Do you know how badly I wanted to quit this challenge? I just want a decent home cooked meal that is slightly better than medicore that I prepare myself. I cannot pull it off. I am so frustrated I want to scream. I actually cried a little.

Thankfully Mark saved the day. His suggestion? Let’s take a night off. Let’s just take one night off.

“If you could have anything for dinner,” he asked me, “what would it be?”

“Blue cheese” I screamed without even thinking. Oh God. I just want some blue cheese. And yes, I know that blue cheese is not really an answer to the question, “What do you want for dinner?” but close enough.

This is how I ended up at Nosh ordering the Brown Derby Salad. I love the Brown Derby. Used to eat it all the time. When I ordered it I demanded that extra blue cheese come on my salad. For a dressing? Blue cheese! Two sides of it! Oh – and that chocolate cupcake. I’ll also be taking one of those.

Hey, if I'm gonna take a night off....

Hey, if I’m gonna take a night off….

When my salad arrived I noticed it had a little surprise – bacon! It had been so long since I ordered this salad I forgot that it came with bacon on it.

Accidental bacon may be the best form of bacon.

Accidental bacon may be the best form of bacon.

Wohoo! Accidental bacon! I totally get to eat that too. And look at all that dressing. Man, I did not screw up on my night off. Mark said I sounded like Homer Simpson every time I celebrated accidental bacon. Check out the coke sitting behind the salad. I am damn good at taking a night off. I also made up a song about my bacon, but I will spare you.

So here’s the thing – at the end of the day I do not feel guilty about this. I do not feel at all bad about having a totally non-vegan meal. I am trying folks. I am trying to adhere to this challenge, and it is very, very hard. Tomorrow I will pony back up and be back with the whole vegan deal. We already figured out what to do for dinner. There should not be any problems. I think a slight break was good.

I also wanted to put all of this out there because I know lots of you also push yourself in a variety of ways, and we all stumble sometimes. This is my stumble. I hit a breaking point today. What matters now is what I do next.

Oh – and for the record I did not go to class to today, but I did 15 backbends at home.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bitchingaboutbikram
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 20:04:10

    You’re doing great! And that salad looks AMAZING. Yum!


  2. yours truly
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 23:19:21

    Love love love this! I honestly find when it comes to food challenges that sometimes they are almost too much of a shock for the system. So yay for you and taking a break AND not feeling guilty about it. Also that salad looks brilliant.


  3. teenieyogini
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 01:27:40

    Panera black bean soup in the bread bowl with Mountain Dew. Plus a blueberry bagel to go for breakfast the next morning with earth balance = ultimate vegan comfort food.


    • leighahall
      Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:53:00

      There black bean soup is good. You’re right! I will have to give it a whirl.


      • teenieyogini
        Feb 05, 2013 @ 22:01:56

        While we were staying with our vegan friends, their puppy died after being neutered. Our job was to “go find comfort food, be it vegan or not” and that’s the meal we brought back, 100% vegan and totally hit the comfort food spot.


  4. leela
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:16:28

    You have to have days off! Especially, when you are learning an entirely different way of feeding yourself. I hope that you enjoyed your food and don’t feel even a bit guilty about it. I really believe our food takes on the energy we feel towards it and that has something to do with how we process it internally (maybe that sounds crazy). So, basically if you have a cupcake, bacon or cheese or whatever and you feel totally great about it then your body will be more accepting of it. However, if you feel even slightly negative about it then it will feel bad inside your body and be a lot harder to digest. Perhaps you are making the challenge a little too “challenging” on yourself. You seem to know how to prepare food/cook pretty well so why not just stick with what you know for now? Simple, vegan meals. Steamed veggies, fresh salad with lemon& olive oil, fruit for breakfast, avocado on toast? Vegetable curry! Yum. If you want some more ideas, I can come up with some for you. You are doing great!


    • leighahall
      Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:55:04

      Thanks leela. You don’t sound crazy at all. I don’t think I expected this to be as hard as it’s been since I’ve been vegetarian for about a year. Avocado on toast is yummy! I probably am making things a bit harder than they need to be. Something to think about for sure.


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  9. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 07:08:44

    VC Day 10:… #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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