VC Day 13: I’m a Salsa Fresh Girl

Ok – When I started my vegan challenge I made the decision to avoid Salsa Fresh after advanced class on Thursdays.  However, today I realized I love it soooo much. While Neomonde (the restaurant on the other side of the studio) is fabulous, after advanced I really just want my Salsa Fresh. I’m a Salsa Fresh Girl on Thursday afternoons. I’m just gonna own it and make it work.

Bascially, everything at Salsa Fresh has meat or cheese in it or both, but I thought, hey, I come in there all the time. I know a couple of the guys pretty well now. I bet I can get them to make me a quesadilla with no cheese (yes, I know the strangeness of this).

So today I went in with my special request and saw someone I did not know working the front. Dang it! Well, I decided to ask anyways. Have you ever gone to a Mexican restaurant and order a quesadilla and asked them to leave off the cheese? It causes confusion which it totally understandable. I ordered the vegetarian quesadilla with no cheese. It did not have mushrooms on it (hooray!). The menu said it was peppers, onions, and black beans.

In reality I got peppers, onions, and no beans. I will ask about the beans next week as I would enjoy them. They did leave the cheese off. I had a fine time dining there. This can work. And of course the best part was that I didn’t feel all full and bloated like I normally would after eating a cheese quesadilla. I can’t say I’ll never have the cheese quesadilla again, but I do think after the challenge I will have it less.

Moving on – I have a BIG yoga weekend coming up. Guess who’s coming to town? My yoga boyfriend, that’s who! He’s at a local studio Saturday and Sunday. I cannot spend Saturday with him as I am hosting my annual Valentine’s dessert (non-vegan) party that day. I will get to take class with him on Sunday. I cannot wait.

Given all the baking that this party entails, I’ve decided to check out of blogging until Sunday night. I’ll catch y’all up on things and share about my day with Joseph.  The party, as noted, is non-vegan. I have this party every year the weekend before Valentine’s Day. As soon as this party ends I start planning for the next one. So this year’s party was in the works well before I was even thinking about vegan anything. I left it as is. However, I am not sure how much of the sweet stuff I will actually eat. By the time Saturday night rolls around I may be tired of this stuff and not feel like eating it. Well, not much anyways.

So have a great few days and some great Bikram classes between now and then. I’m hitting up class Friday and then Sunday with Joseph. I think two doctoral students from the program I work in at UNC are joining me Friday. They said so. I said I’d pay their intro week. We’ll see. 🙂

My Birkam classes are still kind of crappy. It’s not yoga hole crappy. It’s a whole different kind of crappy that I suspect is due to my diet change. I feel physically better in class the last few days than I did for the first seven of so, but my postures are not always their best. I dunno. I did have an excellent lifting lotus in advanced today. I am still crashing back to the ground, but I am not yet ready to be concerned about my exit. I can get up on my fingertips, get some good height, and hold for a five count before I fall down on my butt. That’s nice. 🙂

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. teenieyogini
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 23:20:12

    Aaahhhh! Enjoy Joseph! I’m jealous. I know, how un-yoga-y, right? Well, ok. Then I’m just excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it!


  2. Michele S.
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 01:21:53

    If you haven’t already, you may wish to inquire as to whether their tortillas are vegan; most flour tortillas are not (milk/whey).


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