VC Day 17: Vegan Bingo

I’m feeling a bit drowsy today,  but it could be because Joseph kicked my behind yesterday. It could also be that it’s raining outside, and I haven’t been moving around a lot.

I woke up today so very sore from my work with Joseph on Sunday. I actually got sorer as the day went on. How is that even possible? I didn’t know that could happen! My arms hurt so much. I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday, but we spent almost four hours in seminar with Joseph. He told us it took two hours and 45 minutes to get through the standing series. No wonder I hurt. To top it off, I don’t go to class on Mondays right now so I couldn’t get in the hot room and work it out.

But don’t let this freak you out and steer you away from taking a seminar with Joseph! The way he does it is he has us do the first set. Then we sit down for a tip. He talks about the postures, things he noticed during the first set, and you get to ask questions. Then you do second set and then roll into the first set of the next posture. You drink water whenever you want it and leave the room if you need to. He also requests that the room be slightly cooler than normal. So while I did sweat, it was not the same as a normal class. I brought about 60 ounces of water with me and drank maybe 40 over the course of the class. I still had some when I got home. His seminars are a perfect balance of seriousness and laid-backness. You just have to experience it.

Day 17!

For Day 17 I started off with my normal cucumber/lemon/ginger/kale juice, but for lunch I had something different. The studio owner let me borrow her Engine 2 diet/cookbook. She gave it to me because she knew I was in the market for a good vegan mac and cheese, and it has a recipe. I haven’t made it yet. However, today I made a sandwich based off of a recipe in it.

I got some whole wheat sourdough bread. Now, the book recommends using whole grain bread which is different from whole wheat. However, this was the best I could do. Whole Foods was pretty much sold out of everything when I got there for bread. Ok – so that’s a good little diet lesson. Make the best of the situation. I’m not going on a mad hunt for bread after a four hour seminar with Joseph.

So, I got the bread and toasted it. I put some red pepper hummus on it (it was already in my fridge), sliced cucumbers, tomotaoes, and lettuce. For the tomatoes, I used a can of Rotel. Let me tell you why: Unless that tomato came from my own garden I am too lazy to care about buying one from the store and slicing it. Plus, it is yummy stuff.

My yummy new sandwich

My yummy new sandwich

It was so delicious and a nice break from having a vegan grilled cheeze.

For dinner, I had take-out. I taught an evening class and stopped off on my way in to get some food. Instead of my normal salad, I stopped by Saladelia. I quickly became overwhelmed.

See, Saladelia is a place where you walk up to the counter and either order off a menu (like Panera) or you can select pre-made items from a glass case. I knew I wanted to get the vegetarian platter which is three items from the case, but of course I needed to make it vegan. This took some work, but with some excellent assistance I got it figured out. Luckily, they have a menu that groups things in terms of vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. However, not everything on the list is necessarily in the case on a given day. So I had to find something on the list that sounded good and see if I could make a match in the case. It was like a weird game of vegan bingo.

Eventually I landed on hummus, pita bread (which we confirmed was vegan), tabouli, and a black bean salad.

Take out!

Take out!

But, I should also tell you that I hauled in all my left overs from the dessert party to give to my students, and I also ate some non-vegan truffles. The cake (the smaller version of it) also made another appearance:

Rainbow Cake Part 2

Rainbow Cake Part 2

This time I remembered to take a picture of the inside. Pretty, huh?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christa Provenzano
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 17:03:38

    EVERYTHING looks so yummy Leigh! Your cake is beautiful too!


  2. leighahall
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 20:21:55

    Thanks Christa! Miss you.


  3. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Dec 28, 2014 @ 08:16:17

    VC Day 17: Vegan Bingo #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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