A Different Kind of Challenge

I’m realizing something as I’m progressing through what is, I guess, another 30 day-ish challenge. I say 30 day-ish because by the time I go on vacation I’ll have hit somewhere between 40-50 classes of yoga when taking doubles into account. So it’s more than 30, but less than 60.

Last year, when I did my 66-Day challenge, I had a lot of ups and downs (like Day 8, Day 22, and Day 47), and I spent my time falling in and out of yoga holes. But since then, I’ve been practicing an average of five days a week and doing occassional streaks of yoga. So this time around taking 30 classes over slightly less than 30 days has been different. I’ve been here before. Except for the once a week doubles this is not new territory for me. Or so I thought.

I assumed that 30-ish classes would not be a challenge for me anymore. I added in the weekly double to kick it up a notch and make it a slight challenge, but I kinda thought I would coast through these days and just enjoy the yoga.

In some ways, things are easier the third time around. Mentally, I’m doing much better than I did the first time. I’m also doing better physically (didn’t really start to feel tired until about class 24). I might be in a bit of a yoga hole right now, but I know it’s nothing I can’t handle. However, I am getting a lof of surprises on the physical end of things. I am literally watching my postures fall to pieces. I mean absolute pieces. Standing head to knee? If I can get my head on my knee I am amazed. I went from generally always being able to get my head on my knee on my left side to constantly falling out. Standing bow? Fall out of it all the time and can barely hold it at all. Cobra? Keep getting back cramps, but the posture looks good for the time I manage to stay in it. Floor bow? I have no idea what to even say about my floor bow. It seems to be holding up ok.

But my point is that while I normally can do the classes my postures have gotten really, really stinky. I am doing the best I can do, and yet they are falling apart right in front of me. I am hoping this is a normal part of the process or that it’s just normal given where I am at right now with my practice. I’m hoping that at some point they will start to rebuild and rebound into something even more spectacular than I could have guessed.

Of course I also have to remind myself to have no expectations. Show up. Take the class. Acknowledge my postures for what they are today. Come back tomorrow.


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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Sep 22, 2014 @ 23:08:58

    A Different Kind of Challenge http://t.co/43KvC8TO7L #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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