You’re Gonna Hurt for Two Weeks!

As I noted yesterday, I’ve been out of town and out of the studio for about two weeks. Last Saturday was my return, and I’ve been every day since (so today is my fourth class since I’ve gotten back in town).

At no point has the heat bothered me. This surprised me because I assumed it would at least a bit. But it didn’t, and that is, of course, a wonderful thing given that it was definitely hot in that room!

My first class back on Saturday wasn’t anything exciting. I wasn’t confident about my hydration. I was a bit stiff going into the room. It turns out I was hydrated just fine, and I did most of the postures ok. I could kick both legs out in head to knee. My standing bow wasn’t too bad. My hamstrings were tight, but I was doing well all things considered.

Then I woke up on Sunday morning and felt the aftermath of the Saturday class. I was literally hobbling around! I was so sore that during class I couldn’t even get into some of the postures. Head to knee? Couldn’t lock out my legs on either side. My hamstrings were that tight. Standing bow? I was limited to how high I could kick because of the hamstrings being tight in my standing leg. Which leg? Both of course! Rabbit was awful. My upper back was super tight. Don’t even get me started about triangle. I could barely get myself into it.

And did I mention the cramps? The cramps started in class on Sunday and also happened on Monday. They are mostly in my lower back and happen any time I do the slightest backbend. But I also get them in my hips and sometimes my feet. Once I got a cramp in my calf while I was on my tip toes waiting to drop down in the second part of awkward. The cramps are everywhere.

Luckily I get a massage on Wednesday. Here’s hoping that will straighten things out.

I went into Monday’s class still sore and limping. I told the instructor who responded with, “You went to Puerto Rico for seven days! Of course you’re gonna be sore.”

What? No way. I was gone for more than seven days. I hadn’t even been in the studio for two weeks I said.

You were gone for two weeks so you’re gonna hurt for two weeks,” she said.

Ha ha. That’s a joke, right? I hope so.

Even if I do, it still makes the trip worth it.

More awesome food.

More awesome food.



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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 02:11:36

    You’re Gonna Hurt for Two Weeks! #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 08:30:48

    You’re Gonna Hurt for Two Weeks! #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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