Women’s Retreat: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Women’s Retreat here in Austin! I had advanced with Emmy at 1:00 and then Mary Jarvis taught our first official class for the retreat at 4:15.

Taking class with Emmy was amazing and wonderful. I am interested to see what she’s like when I have a beginning class with her (which will be this afternoon). My introduction to her was in advanced, and in advanced she was super serious. There was the expectation that you generally knew what you were doing and could do all the beginning postures (and get into them fast). She was tough when she needed to be tough, but she was also funny and laid back too.

I learned a few things about myself in advanced:

– I can do hands to feet without bending my knees. AT ALL. I could already get my hands to the floor without bending my knees on most days (this will not happen today though because I am sore), but I always bent my knees when I got fully into the posture. Emmy didn’t want anybody bending their knees for this in advanced. My reaction was, “Lady, I have no choice.” But then I just let that thought go and realized I could actually lock out my knees. It was an amazing moment. The room was also super hot so that helped I’m sure.

– I can do the advanced version of toe stand! I did it on the second side because that’s my strongest side. The only difference here is that you go down with a bent knee. I think I felt good from my hands to feet pose and wanted to give it a try. I did, and it worked!

Moving on to Mary

Ok – Mary can’t teach a 90 minute class. That’s just who she is. Emmy’s class was supposed to be 2-hours but was about 2.5. Mary’s class was supposed to be 90 minutes but was also about 2.5. Yeah – I just did five hours of class yesterday. Yes, I was exhausted and starving when it was all over.

But Mary’s class was beautiful. With Mary I started to learn about enjoying the moment of being in the posture. She would ask us why we are in such a hurry to get out of the posture. Why do we want to be done with it? Why not just enjoy being wherever we are with it?

Think about it, I know I can take a posture like balancing stick or triangle and all I want is for that stupid, stupid posture to be over. Those are postures I hate so when I get in them, I am looking forward to them being done. Which means I am missing out on all kinds of things.

Like what?

Well, first off I’m not in the moment with my posture. This means I’m not noticing whatever it is I should be noticing and enjoying or working on. Second, I’m rarely able to notice and celebrate improvements because I’m too busy trying to hurry up and get through it.

That’s the lesson that has stayed with me and that I will try to apply this morning to Rajashree’s class.

And a Side Note

If you are at the retreat, there are these lovely chocolate bars that are sold right by the register in the store next to where you checked in for the resort. They cost 7.00, but they so help when you are in need of a chocolate fix. They are a good size too. I bet I buy a second one by the end of today.


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  1. Penelope
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 16:08:35

    Isn’t the resort nice? I don’t remember the chocolate bars, though. I do remember being able to get giant cups of tea in the gift shop and that pleased me.

    I’m interested to hear your impressions of Emmy’s and Rajashree’s classes. I personally found Rajashree to be tougher than Emmy in that she held poses a reeeeally long time – ones I hate like locust. But she was wonderful and kind at the same time as being tough. There were a couple pregnant women in the room and she made sure they didn’t push themselves beyond what was appropriate. I was impressed at how well she noticed things, especially since there were 200+ of us there. I was also surprised how nice Emmy was – I guess I was expecting a drill sergeant, and that isn’t her at all. I do recall one especially unpleasant set of standing head to knee where she held it for like three or four minutes, no exaggeration, and said something like, “You should hold the full expression for one minute, longer if you want to lose weight,” and I’m thinking, lady, I don’t want to lose weight, let’s move on. Of course no one was left in the posture by then, ha ha.


    • leighahall
      Aug 03, 2013 @ 08:54:30

      The resort is really nice, and the food is really good! For the beginning class, I would have to say that Rajashree was tougher than Emmy IF I had to make that distinction. She did hold the poses longer than Emmy, but not in a way that killed me. But like you said, she is wonderful and kind while also being tough. So what happened is I just did whatever she said. It’s exactly what I had always heard about her and what taking her class was like.

      Emmy was very sweet in the beginning class yesterday. She kept it to 90 minutes too! So far, the only 90 minute class of the retreat. Rajashree’s was about two hours. Emmy was more drill sergeant like in advanced. She was helpful with the advanced postures, but you better know the beginning series inside and out and move in and out of them like no one’s business. I loved it.


  2. jack joseph's mom
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 20:34:35

    Wow! This retreat sounds like something I would definitely want to attend one day! I just started reading your blog, so I will look around for the answer, but what are the requirements to attend? Must you be a certified teacher?


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  6. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Nov 19, 2014 @ 08:36:42

    Women’s Retreat: Day 1 http://t.co/yU8Am5YrgK #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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