Women’s Retreat: Day 2

The second day of the women’s retreat started off with me being very, very sore. I was sore pretty much all day. I am still sore as I am writing this the morning of Day 3, but really, I blame it on the advanced class. Advanced made me so sore.

But Day 2 gave me my first class ever with Rajashree. I was set up in the back for no other reason than there was space back there for me to set up next to a Yoga Buddy, When I first got here I was anxious about my practice in front of Rajashree and Emmy. Now, not so much. I’m all calmed down about that.

Rajashree’s class was two hours, but I had always heard that’s about how long her classes lasted. Her class was exactly as I expected it. She held the poses a bit, but her voice is so calming and sweet that I didn’t really think about what I was doing or how long I was holding anything. I just did it. At some point I realized she was kicking my butt, and I still didn’t care.

Emmy’s Class

Emmy’s class was a true 90-minute class! We all applauded that at the end. It was nice to have a 90-minute class, but a two hour class really doesn’t bother me to tell you the truth.

Prior to the class we had been in the pavilion – where the classes are held – for a couple of hours. There was a women’s panel, where Emmy, Mary, Rajashree, and a doctor fielded questions. I would like to tell you about that, but I fell asleep on my mat. I think it was very good though. My falling asleep is not a reflection of them. I was just tired.

Then, Emmy had posture clinic. For posture clinic, you got up on the stage with Emmy, asked her your question, did the posture you had the question about, and she helped you. That was really, really cool. I did have a question I wanted to ask, but I was so sore there was no way I could perform the demonstration. Maybe I’ll be able to do that when posture clinic rolls back around again on Day 3.

Anyways, I tell you all this to get back to Emmy’s class. When we had the women’s panel and posture clinic, the fans in the pavilion were on and all the doors open. That made sense. It allowed for a nice breeze. No need to be hot and miserable at those times. But when class began, people wanted the doors left open. I cannot for the life of me figure out why. There’s no way it was going to get hot enough with all those doors open. Luckily, Emmy had most of them closed and the fans turned off, and it did get hot.

Side note: Outside of advanced, I have not found the classes to be unbearable. I do sweat. I steer clear of the one door that always seems to remain open so people can get water and so on if needed. I just go to the far end. In my opinion, it could be slightly hotter. I may be in the minority here.

For Emmy’s class, I set up in the third row kinda in the middle. It was fine. She got up and walked around some in the beginning. There were a few times when I was in a posture and I noticed she was directly next to me. I never tried so hard to do a posture to the best of my ability in all my life! I guess I did fine. She didn’t say otherwise to me.

She didn’t hold the postures as long as Rajashree, but she also kept class to 90 minutes. Can’t have it both ways, right? 🙂

I’m loving this retreat. If you are interested, you owe it to yourself to come at least once.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jack joseph's mom
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 08:02:05

    You have gotten me really excited and really wanting to attend one! It sounds amazing!


  2. Christa Provenzano
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 13:33:06

    Yes, I agree! I really would like to attend a retreat also in the future!! Thank you Leigh!!


  3. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Dec 03, 2014 @ 10:00:56

    Women’s Retreat: Day 2 http://t.co/9CZ8XYIrf5 #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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