Favorite Things: No Sweat

When I checked in to the Women’s Retreat, I was given a fun little goodie bag. In my goodie bag was a container of No Sweat detergent. It was a small, trial size bottle. At first, I thought it was funny to get a bottle of detergent at the retreat. Our clothes were certainly stinky! I set the bottle aside and used a different brand that I had brought with me. I spent the retreat washing my clothes by hand in the sink using this other brand. You know what? It did ok, but it didn’t work so well.

When I returned home, I found myself again needing to wash my yoga clothes in the sink. This time I decided to try the No Sweat. I put my clothes in the sink and filled it up with cold water, added some of the detergent, and let it soak for 20-30 minutes. Then I rinsed it out.

You know what? The stuff works way better than anything else I have encountered if you need to hand wash stinky yoga clothes. No funky odor is left behind, and the clothes smell super clean. The other brand I was using to hand wash did ok, but it didn’t get al the funk out. I found myself running all my yoga clothes back through the washer when I first got back because of a slight lingering smell.

If you need to hand wash your yoga clothes, I’m recommending No Sweat as the way to go. It should also work well in the washer. I just haven’t used it that way yet.

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