Retro Throwback: A Walk in the Clouds

On the weekends, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

Yesterday I decided to do a double. I blame Teenie for this since she does them all the time. I think all the talking we did about her doubles at our yoga party got the idea stuck in my head. I also realized I had not done a double in about eight months. What the heck is that about? Time to get with it.

Since it’d been awhile, I decided to see what others were saying about doing doubles. So I googled it and found – myself. Yep. I found my own post about doing doubles. Depending on how you search, I come up either first or fourth. Anyways, I read myself to see what I had to say about doing doubles (kind of a strange experience!). I give some pretty good advice, but I found this point to stand out the most:

Take the class. In the Saturday morning class I showed up and took the class. I didn’t try to go easy on myself because I was coming back at 3:00. I just did whatever it is I normally do. Then I went back at 3:00 and took that class. It is no different than any other day except it’s interesting to see what your body does across the classes.

I like the point of taking the class. Just show up and take the class and let the class be whatever it is going to be. Don’t try to overdo it, and definitely don’t try to under do it.  Just go do it.

On Friday I took the 9:00 and the 4:30. The 9:00 class was nothing special. Just a class. My brain was a bit weirded out about doing a double, but you know how that goes. My brain is super annoying and generally gets in my way. So I set up in the back row next to an awesome yogi buddy. I knew practicing next to him would make me happy, and of course I was right.

Then I came back to do the 4:30. Of course I told my 4:30 instructor that this was my second class of the day. I explained that since it was the last day of spring break, and I hadn’t done a double in eight months, I thought it would be fun to do.

She said, “You mean you didn’t want to do anything else like bake something?”

Cracked me up.

You have to know that I have a slight talent for baking. I will often bring treats to the studio. Here’s some evidence by way of a cake I recently made (which I think most of y’all have already seen):

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

If you want to make this cake (and it’s easy!), you can go here. So it’s understandable why my instructor might have asked why I didn’t bake something instead of taking a second class. This cake is delicious!

But I did not stay home and bake. I showed up for a second class, and it was amazing. It was like floating in a cloud. I just skipped my way through class. Poses that usually give me trouble (ALL of awkward for example) were noticeably easier the second time around. I had a great standing head to knee. I had an amazing rabbit. My floor bow might even have been a bit better.

At the end of class I wondered why I didn’t do double more often. I’ve decided that when the semester is over (beginning of May), I’m going to start doing them once a week. When the semester kicks back in, I’ll commit to once a month – at least for starters. I’ll want to see how it goes. It might be too much.

Outside of Teenie, who can do doubles standing on her head I think, what do the rest of y’all think? Do you do doubles? What has your experience been? And Teenie, I’m kidding. Of course we want to hear from you too! :)


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