Advanced is Back

Whew! Guess what time it is? Time to get my behind back into advanced. The last time I took advanced was in August with Emmy at the women’s retreat. We have a new teacher at our studio who is leading the advanced class. She is super fantastic, and in one class I have already learned several new things.

Let me just say this though….I hadn’t done advanced in what? Five, six months? The postures came back to me. Even if I couldn’t do them, I could remember what they were. But I have to tell you,. about an hour into it I was already sore. And tired. And hungry. I left at about the two hour mark and people were still working through the series.

I had taken the beginning  class beforehand, but I didn’t go all out. I gave about 75% effort and reserved a little for advanced. I’m glad I did because otherwise I would have been even more exhausted! I came home with sore hamstrings and took about a two hour nap. I went right down on the couch – lights out! When I woke up I felt even stiffer and struggled to get up and down the stairs a bit.

I had no major posture breakthroughs. I left with a better understanding of crow. I know I need to get in the habit of keeping my gaze forward. I always want to look down. Specifically, I want to look back to see what my legs and feet are doing. But, as my teacher pointed out, my legs and feet will always be behind me. If I look backwards I’m going down.

I learned a little bit more about leg-breaking. Here I learned that I really need to work on getting my hips open so I can get into the posture. I am soooo close on my left side, and my left hip is definitely more open than my right.

So close.

So close.

In tree pose I can sometimes get my left knee (when raised up) to align with my right knee on my standing leg. I have to look in the mirror to get this to happen which often causes me to lose my balance and fall over, but that’s ok. I use the mirror to push myself and work on my alignment here.

So I’ve got some work to do (as usual), but I’m excited to get back into it. I had a nice break between the competition in November and now. I am not committing to any postures for competition at this time, and I don’t have any major goals for the moment. I do want to work on getting my hips more open, and I’ll be doing some stretches to help with that. But for now, I’m committed to going to advanced each week and giving the postures some time to evolve. Let’s just see what happens when I give things some time and take it from there.


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